Keep your eyes on Cuomo – making case for absentee ballot under guise of COVID

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They are telling us their true agenda / objective if you are paying attention!

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Friday said that he would sign an executive order that would send all registered New York state voters a postage-paid absentee ballot application for the state’s upcoming primary elections in June.

The announcement follows a separate executive order that the governor made recently giving all New York voters the ability to request an absentee ballot for the Empire State’s June 23 primaries if they have concerns about contracting COVID-19 by voting in person.

Cuomo noted that he didn’t have the purview to unilaterally send absentee ballots to all voters. He also reiterated that despite the ongoing pandemic, New York voters would still have the option to go to the polls.

“You have both options,” Cuomo explained. “You can go to the polls or you can vote absentee. I don’t know what else anyone could expect you to do.”

New York is part of a growing list of states that are allowing residents to request an absentee ballot for upcoming primaries. Under normal circumstances, most states require a voter to present a reason or extenuating circumstance to explain why they are unable to vote at their designated polling station.


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