Ketchum considering tent city for workers amid ‘crushing inequality,’ scarce affordable housing

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KETCHUM, Idaho — In a town where some of the wealthiest people in the country keep lavish homes, glittering and vast against a backdrop of sweeping mountains, officials are mulling over a plan to allow Ketchum’s nurses, teachers, and service workers to sleep in tents in the city park as rent and housing costs continue to soar out of their grasp.

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There’s a bathroom in the park, after all, Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw noted. They could walk over to the YMCA to take a shower before work.

I’ve been to Ketchum many times and let me tell you, if you are not wealthy, you are looked down upon with contempt.

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I am gonna enjoy seeing the super rich live in tent cities when tshtf. These clowns will not know how to survive without someone else doing the labor.


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