Key benefits of the US EB-5 Visa

EB-5 visa in the United States opens opportunities for wealthy people to obtain residency for investment. By making a contribution of 800 thousand dollars, a foreigner can live in the U.S. and get a green card for himself and his family members.

Business visas have been granted since 1990. From a formal point of view, it is a temporary visa. Still, it can be permanently extended, and the applicant can continue to live in America, work, study, and do business. Every year, the country issues about 10,000 visas to foreigners, providing a wide range of opportunities to those who need them. Most of the applications come from residents of China, Korea, Vietnam, India, Korea and others. In this article, let’s take a look at EB-5 Visa benefits. 

Brief overview of the US EB-5 Visa program

The program offers many advantages for wealthy foreigners. When choosing a US EB-5 Visa, one should know that it requires self-depositing funds into a business in the country or applying to a regional center. Such organizations are licensed and work in different areas of America. 


The application will be approved if the investor fulfills the requirements – invest or create jobs. The success of the business project is not taken into account,” says Vladlena Baranova, Immigrant Invest expert.  

Benefit 1: Pathway to U.S. Permanent Residency

EB-5 is an immigrant visa, so it opens the way to permanent residency and, subsequently, to citizenship. It is considered a conditional green card, and after two years, the status changes, and the investor is granted a regular green card. From a permanent residence permit, the status changes to a residence permit. Such a visa opens a faster path to residency. Before submitting an application, it is necessary to prepare a list of documents.  


Five years after receiving a green card, one can apply for citizenship. An American passport gives one access to 184 countries without applying for visas. If one does not need to obtain citizenship, one can stay on the green card and renew it every ten years.

Benefit 2: Investment Opportunity

Applicants can choose one of the ways to invest. The program provides two options for the cost of an EB-5 Visa: contributing $1 million to any business or region with low unemployment or $500,000 to a region where unemployment is rampant and the unemployment rate is too high. Such regions are called target regions, and the program’s launch was designed for them. A low level of education and high criminality characterize such regions.   

Benefit 3: No Sponsorship Requirement

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The applicant does not have to have any special education or skills. There are also no language requirements. Investment money must be obtained legally, but there are no too high requirements in this case. It can be money that was given to the investor as a gift. He does not necessarily have to earn it on his own. These and other EB-5 Visa pros also make it possible to open visas for children who do not yet have their source of income. 

Benefit 4: Access to U.S. Education

Children of investors or other members of their families can receive education in elementary, middle, and high schools. There is also access to colleges and universities on the same rights as locals. At the same time, there are savings to be made when comparing the amount spent by other international students.  

Benefit 5: Expansive Business and Career Opportunities

There are many opportunities to build a career in America. Broad employment-based prospects are open. Living in this country, one can take advantage of all the opportunities that are provided for residents. There are many foreign and American companies in the USA where one can build a career or cooperate with them as business partners. Residents of the country are free to live in different states and choose any place of work. 

Benefit 6: Quality of Life and Healthcare 

Participating in the program offers a pathway to high-quality health care. This area in the United States is one of the best in the world. Wealthy citizens have access to the latest technology that modern doctors utilize. Social security benefits available to investors are significant EB-5 Visa advantages that can be obtained through the program.


The program offers the investor and his family access to education, medicine, and the opportunity to build a career in one of the world’s developed countries. Acquiring this visa leads to citizenship, which provides even more benefits. Doing business in the United States is an investor’s right. If he strives for it, he will get all the opportunities to realize his own business.

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