Kids…here is why you need an emergency fund

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by fear_of_trains


I live in the US, my family in Europe.

My dad had a regular operation a few weeks ago, I stayed in touch and spoke every day etc. Then this morning…a complication. He’s in hospital still, awaiting an operation. My mom was in bits, my brother shouldering a load, and I miss my dad and would like to there.

Am on a red-eye tonight, and will be back in the old country tomorrow afternoon. Budget in tact. Flights booked, car rented.

You can’t put on price on things like this, and a few years ago..5 in fact – this would have been a struggle – but this is an emergency that an emergency fund is made for…and I have this sub to thank for it.

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Edit: Holy shit balls. This blew up between me posting and getting to the airport

Thanks for the gold…whoever it was! You are all good people.

If you don’t have an EF. Start today. $10 stuffed in a drawer, $100 that you don’t take out from your checking account, $1000 in a savings account, $50K in a savings account and a credit card you can pay off

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It doesn’t matter, getting on top of money and being able to be in the situation where you can drop everything and do what needs done is priceless. If you’re married and have a partner on the same page…all the better (kudos to my wife – she’s shouldering our 2 year old for a week without me around)

An emergency fund is freedom. And it’s a beautiful thing to have.




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