Kim Gets Just What He Wants – Russia/China Joint Approval. Will The Deep State Push For War?

by Pamela Williams
Americans need to stand united at this critical juncture in history.  Our problems are so vast and mounting.  North Korea has gone too far with their last firing of an ICBM with the missile reaching a top altitude of 2,802  kilometers (1,741 miles) before splashing into the East Sea, some 930 kilometers away from the launch site.  Earth’s atmosphere extends to an altitude of about 1,000 kilometers.  
We have reached a very serious climax with North Korea.  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard explained it very well:
“North Korea’s latest successful intercontinental ballistic missile test further demonstrates the extremely dangerous and growing threat that North Korea poses to Hawaii, Alaska, and the mainland United States.
For the past fifteen years, our leaders have let the people of Hawaii and our country down, allowing the situation in North Korea to worsen to this point of crisis where we are left with nothing but bad options. We must ensure we are able to defend against North Korea’s threat with cutting-edge missile defense technologies, but this is not enough. We must pursue serious diplomatic efforts to de-escalate and ultimately denuclearize North Korea.
However, U.S. leaders need to understand that Kim Jong Un maintains a tight grip on North Korea’s nuclear weapons as a deterrent against regime change. The Trump Administration would be far more credible in finding a diplomatic solution with North Korea if we weren’t currently waging a regime change war in Syria, and contemplating a regime change war in Iran.
The North Korean regime witnessed the regime change wars the U.S. led in Libya and Iraq and what we’re now doing in Syria, and fear they will become like Gadhafi who, after giving up his nuclear weapons program, was deposed by the United States.
As long as the U.S. is waging regime change wars, we are far less likely to reach a diplomatic solution in North Korea because they have no reason to believe our promises. In fact, we are far more likely to see nuclear proliferation by countries like North Korea who see nuclear weapons as their only deterrent against regime change.
Serious diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula will require an end to our regime change war in Syria and a public statement that the U.S. will not engage in regime change wars and nation-building overseas, including in Iran and North Korea. We should focus our limited resources on rebuilding our own country and seriously commit ourselves to de-escalating this dangerous stand-off with North Korea and negotiate a peaceful diplomatic solution.”
Tulsi Gabbard is exactly right.  We need to stop the regime change wars now. We need to sit down with Kim. It is the only way to move forward, especially after what Russia and China have now announced.  Joint Russian/Chinese statement on the North Korean conflict recognizes North Korea’s “justified concerns”, opposes military action, and effectively rules out across-the-board sanctions.
Here is a little of what that joint statement says:
The Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China are the Korean Peninsula’s neighbours, therefore the development of the situation in the region concerns the national interests of both countries. Russia and China will closely coordinate their efforts in order to promote a complex solution to the Korean Peninsula’s problems, including that of the nuclear issue, for the sake of achieving a lasting peace and stability in Northeast Asia. In the spirit of strategic cooperation the foreign ministries of Russia and China (hereinafter referred to as Parties) state the following:

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  1. The Parties are seriously worried by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)’s statement of July 4, 2017 about a ballistic missile launch and consider this statement unacceptable and in disharmony with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.
  2. It ends with this:  The Parties confirm that the deployment of THAAD antimissile systems in Northeast Asia is inflicting serious damage on strategic security interests of regional states, including Russia and China, and does nothing to help achieve the aims of the Korean Peninsula’s denuclearisation, nor to ensure peace and stability in the region.
  3. Russia and China are against the deployment of the said systems, call on the relevant countries to immediately stop and cancel the deployment process, and have agreed to adopt the necessary measures to protect the two countries’ security interests and to ensure a strategic balance in the region.

So it seems to me that Russia and China want the THAAD antimissile systems out of the way, and most likely South Korea will agree to this.  South Korean Moon is meeting with Merkel in Germany now.  This is what they have to say about the situation:
During a dinner meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday (Berlin time), Moon also said Pyongyang’s escalatory provocations call for stronger sanctions, but pressure must be applied to bring it to the negotiating table, not to undermine peace.
“The current level of the North’s nuclear and missile programs is a problem, but what is more troubling is their development is proceeding much faster than expected,” Moon was quoted by his spokesman as saying during the Berlin talks before the Group of 20 summit.
Earlier in the day, Moon and Merkel agreed to boost their countries’ cooperation in ending the North’s nuclear ambitions, vowing to use all available means, Seoul’s presidential office, the Blue House said. The agreement came at their bilateral summit in Berlin on Wednesday.
The South Korean and German leaders agreed to closely work together to “fundamentally” resolve the North Korean nuclear issue through all available means, including sanctions and dialogue, the Blue House said.  In addition, Merkel expressed her support for Seoul’s leadership in international efforts to remove North Korea of its nuclear ambitions and missile arsenal, it added.
So thus far, the countries involved agree that we must somehow handle the situation with North Korea in a diplomatic way.  But what will the Deep State which surrounds Trump push him to do? I believe President Trump is a good man, but he is surrounded by the Deep State/CIA/Shadow Government, and I am afraid they want war.  How can Tump handle them by himself?
President Trump is in Poland right now, and he has been welcomed with open arms.  He had a press conference there, saying about North Korea, “severe things could happen, that does not mean they will happen…I do not draw red lines.”
He said about Syria, “a political solution is needed.”
He will be meeting with Putin tomorrow, and I am praying it will go well.  Today he will be meeting with Angela Merkel in Germany ahead of the G-20 Summit.  

Published on Jul 6, 2017
FBN’s Blake Burman on President Trump’s comments on North Korea at a press conference with the president of Poland.


16 thoughts on “Kim Gets Just What He Wants – Russia/China Joint Approval. Will The Deep State Push For War?”

  1. The problem is that North Korea simply has no reason to de-nuclearize – but many reasons to build up its nuclear arsenal.
    The world has seen what happens to countries that can’t defend themselves (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, …..)
    If I was North Korea, I’d certainly want to have a deterrent to keep the same thing from happening to me – you don’t have to like Kim Jong Un to realize he has a good reason to build a strong deterrent.
    What, short of a load of nukes pointed in our general direction, can prevent the Deep State crazies from launching an invasion for no reason at all?
    Until we have a good answer to that, it’s unreasonable to demand North Korea (or anyone else) stop building a deterrent.
    There’s one thing we can do: Lock up Bush, Hitlery, Cheney, McCain, Schumer, Graham and all the other criminals who keep calling for war, war and more war, or extradite them to the countries they’ve been involved in attacking without justification.
    That would send the clear message “the war criminals are gone, they’re receiving their punishment, we’re no longer a threat to you if you don’t do anything wrong, we won’t invade just because we want to build a pipeline, steal oil, restart your country’s opium business, or whatever.”
    But until that’s done, can you blame anyone for building a deterrent against out-of-control warmongering Deep State terrorists?

    • He hasn’t attacked another country but Israel has attacked all their neighbors and have been behind the U.S. wars in the Middle East. Israel has threatened the whole world with Nuclear destruction if they don’t get their way, Israel does not like North Korea and are behind starting this war, they will fight North Korea with Americans until the last American soldier and people are killed while they sit back grinning.

  2. When I was a young man, the United States was foremost in explaining our culture as free and based on integrity. We never started wars and we never lost wars. We believed that America did not have spies or ever engage in regime change. Then came Eisenhower’s spy plane shoot down over Russia. Then the Vietnam war and on and on. Now we vocally support ALL of the things we used to say we never believed in. The United States has made a mess of the world and continues to do so for its own profit. We Americans as a nation have NO morals any longer. We don’t even know what a boy or a girl is. I think God is about finished trying to save us. “Behold, your house is left unto you a desolation.”

    • Very true, Kurtben!
      There’s videos of Obama saying we – the U.S. – are speeding up the trainiong of ISIS. Putin pointed out how the U.S. supports ISIS. Did you see the latest atrocity that ISIS committed, burning 12 alive in a cage? Did you get a good look at the picture? Those are little kids they burned alive!
      “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice will not slumber forever.” Thomas Jefferson

    • …not all of us have lost our moral compass, ethics…or sense of integrity. Perhaps too many, and obviously all of our leadership since that traitor Lincoln, but not all of the people. Otherwise, we’d have been gone long ago.
      RJ O’Guillory

    • …just stop and look at all the lies we were told about the start of WW II, the lies of the…”surprise attack by The Japanese”…(Not!)…the lies of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Grenada, Iraq…Libya…Syria…911. The US Government has none of the “virtues” we were taught they believed in, or guided their actions. They are corrupt, and the sooner they fall, and are legally convicted for crimes against humanity and hanged, the better.
      RJ O’Guillory

  3. What right does America have to say who can or can’t have nuclear weapons….But but North Korea is bad. Some will argue. The last time I’ve witch the TV on Americans were still dropping bombs around the world. Not North Korea. The last time I’ve open my history book America dropped 2 as-bombs. Not North Korea…The list of Americans wrong doing goes on and on…What right does Americans have to say who can or can’t…Criminals have no say. The only things Americans have the right to ask is forgiveness for all their crimes.


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