King Dollar About To Crash? Long-Term Support Test In Play!

by Kimble Charting

Is King Dollar about to fall off the table and experience a large decline? An important long-term support test is in play right now!

The U.S. Dollar has created a series of higher lows for the past 9-year years along line (1). These higher lows reflect that King Dollar is still in a long-term bull trend.

The Dollar may have created a double top at its 61% Fibonacci retracement level of the 2001 highs/2008 lows at (2).

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The decline of late has King$ testing its 9-year rising support line at (3). At this time support is support until broken.

If King$ breaks this 9-year support line at (3), look for it to experience a great deal of selling pressure!

Where the dollar ends the month, will send an important long-term message to the currency and metals markets!




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