KIRA DAVIS: People Are Trying To ‘Cancel’ Comedian Hannibal Buress For Opposing Rent Control… Seriously.

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via redstate:

Hannibal Buress is a comedian and actor who has in recent years seen a sharp rise in his popularity (Spiderman:Homecoming; Bojack Horseman; Tag; Broad City). Like most celebrities (I guess we’ll call him that even though he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who welcomes such a label) Buress leans politically left and isn’t shy about expressing it. He’s an admitted member of the Yang Gang and like most people these days keeps up with the progressing presidential campaign on Twitter.

This past week Buress made the mistake of crossing the Bernie Brigade when he responded to Bernie’s tweet about a national rent control plan.

His Twitter feed was immediately inundated with outrage.

It hardly seems possible to be a Twitter pecksniff and guttersnipe at the same time, but they manage.


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