L.A. Health Chief EXPOSED on Audio: Says Schools Will Reopen ‘AFTER THE ELECTION’

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The manipulations of Democrats to use the COVID-19 issue for political gain are being exposed, one by one. As outraged citizens demand schools, salons, gyms and other businesses re-open, Democrats keep citing the “danger” and “risk” of doing so.

But the public has seen the lies exposed in recent weeks. They seethed as Nancy Pelosi got her hair done while all other S.F. salons were shuttered by law. And private gym owners were enraged when they found out that gyms in California government buildings have been open for months, while theirs have been kept shut tight.

Now on Wednesday, stunning audio surfaced of Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer saying that K-12 schools in America’s largest county likely will not open until after the November election.

Not based on “health,” or “safety.” but pure politics to influence local, congressional and presidential politics.

KFI News radio reporter Steve Gregory said he received a partial audio recording of a conference call between Dr. Ferrer and “a collection of school nurses, school administrators, other education and medical professionals.”





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