LA Mayor Garcetti ADMITS ‘connection’ between coronavirus outbreak and protests, after downplaying link

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Surprise, surprise…

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday that public protests are likely causing the number of citywide coronavirus cases to spike, just two days after claiming there wasn’t “any conclusive evidence” showing a connection between the two.

Garcetti, a Democrat, was speaking at a press conference concerning the recent Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles when he was asked if the demonstrations were contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

He claimed he’d consulted with Dr. Barbara Ferrer, LA County’s director of public health, and determined the protests were in fact contributing to the spread of the virus.

“I talked again with Dr. Ferrer about that this morning. She does think some of the spread did come from our protests,” he said. “It’s not the act of protesting – that’s a great and American thing to do no matter what your opinion is… but protesting without maintaining physical distancing, without wearing your mask, without having sanitizer – we just have to be smart. Whether you’re at a protest or at your home, whether in your workplace or whether you’re out shopping, these rules don’t change.”

This article is from a few days ago:

They are basically saying that any increase due to the protests will be counteracted because people are too afraid to go out because of the riots and not wanting to be beaten in the streets… what a load of shit!


The most frequent target of recent blame and ridicule among our WJAC social media commentators seems to be why no one in authority or in the media is blaming demonstrators and rioters who have taken to the streets in recent weeks to denounce police brutality and racism, never mind social distancing and mask-wearing.

We directly asked Wardle if there is any contact tracing data that suggests the recent protests and civil unrest has led to an uptick in cases in Pennsylvania or on any localized level in the state.

“No, there has not,” Wardle replied.

That’s also in line with a recent study by the non-partisan National Bureau of Economic Research, which looked at tracking data and health data in 315 cities and found that any increases we might have seen from protests and riots were counteracted by people staying home due to the protests, and therefore unwittingly social distancing.


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