Laptop evidence ‘strongly indicates’ Joe Biden is ‘compromised’ on China

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New York Post Columnist Miranda Devine says evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop indicates “strongly” that President Joe Biden is “compromised” through his family with President Xi Jinping.

“One night I’m sitting at home in this apartment in New York that I live in and I get a text message with some very curious photographs on it – one of them being that famous photograph I think a lot of people have seen … of Hunter Biden asleep with a crackpipe in his mouth”, she told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

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“That was the beginning. They had this enormous story six weeks before the presidential election that was going to reflect incredibly badly on one candidate being Joe Biden – because the laptop contains overwhelming evidence of the influence-peddling scheme that the Biden family was conducting for decades using Joe Biden’s name.

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“The reason this is so important now, not just in America but in Australia as well, is the evidence on the laptop really gives us a strong indication that China has something on Joe Biden – that Joe Biden is compromised via his family with President Xi.”


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