Large companies like Apple don’t seem to be honoring the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision, moving us further toward civil conflict.

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by DavidSeamanAMA

Apple will require all store employees and corp execs to take the Booster; which implies consent to the 2 prior mRNA jabs. Poisoning your own is a new low.

Guess all those Tim Cook walks with John Podesta are seeing some fruitful outcome after all.

These globalists are all sickos, playing with their great grandparents’ money, trying to depopulate and divide us.

Or is the AI behind this bizarre push? Apple employees are going to leave in droves. Siri plays dumb, “I didn’t quite catch that” it pretends to not hear things, meanwhile as a test whisper from across the room, “Siri turn off music” and since that’s a simple command, it’s off just like that. She doesn’t play dumb there: even a whisper is a command to the AI. (edit: the recent “Measuring tape” feature on iOS, and more recent 3d photo rendering capability shows the AI that Apple has is far more than an audio-based order taker… she understands spatial reasoning and relational probability, which are both hallmarks of intelligence we look for in other biological species when trying to determine if another species is intelligent – object permanence, etc.)

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Meanwhile, any AI focused on profits and brand protection would be hesitant to suggest demanding the triple mRNA injection suite clot shot express for THEIR OWN CORPORATE LEADERSHIP and salespeople in the stores, yet its blood lust is apparently greater than its commitment to the corporation that created it.

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All just speculation but no this is NOT normal at all. companies are ignoring a historic Supreme Court decision to push an extremely faulty mRNA experiment on their own workforce. Not normal, and suggests the fiat economy has already imploded – we just don’t realize it yet.

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Fiat is no longer open to normal people. You can’t earn an income in dollars unless you submit to the mRNA cult think insanity, and potentially compromise your health in the process.

Crypto will be the only way for these now exiled Apple employees to take in any income at all in the days ahead, is my guess.

Sources: I just stayed at a Holiday Inn express once, and I’m not even a scientist. Not a Democrat, not a scientist, not a paid vaccine “influencer,” so you might as well regard me as a shit-covered leper on the sidewalk ranting from my soapbox.



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