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Cyber Storm VI: National Cyber Exercise

Cyber Storm is a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) national-level cyber exercise that simulates a cyber crisis of national and international consequence. It remains the Nation’s most extensive cybersecurity exercise, with over a thousand players nationwide. While no actual systems are attacked during the exercise, Cyber Storm provides a venue to simulate discovery of and response to a largescale, coordinated cyber attack impacting U.S. critical infrastructure. The exercise helps assess cybersecurity preparedness; examines incident response processes, procedures, and information sharing; and identifies areas for improvement. This exercise is sponsored by the National Protection and Programs Directorate’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC).

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The Nation’s cyber incident response capabilities must continue to mature and adapt to ever evolving cyber risks and threats. Cyber Storm is one of the few opportunities for a “whole of community” response — federal, state, local, tribal and territorial entities and the private sector come together to address cyber response following a nationwide event or incident.

Cyber Storm VI will:

  • Build upon the outcomes of previous exercises and changes to the cybersecurity landscape;
  • Evaluate and improve the capabilities of the cyber response community;
  • Promote public-private partnerships and strengthen relationships between the Federal Government and its partners; and
  • Integrate new critical infrastructure partners into exercise play to promote maturation and integration across the 16 critical infrastructure sectors.
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Cyber Storm also provides a venue for DHS’ international partners to exercise objectives, improve and strengthen relationships, examine standard operating procedures and communication pathways, and raise the overall profile of cyber events and cyber attacks in their nation.

Date: Spring 2018
Duration: One week, with 3 days of live play

Participating Communities:

  • Critical Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Information Technology/Communications
  • Law Enforcement/Intelligence/Department of Defense
  • International
  • States
  • Federal



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