Las Vegas Massacre – “Supernatural” – Paddock Said His Brain Was Hacked – More Strangeness And More Facts.

by Ruby Henley
There is more strangeness coming out of Las Vegas with each new day.  Stephen Paddock told a prostitute he feared he was an “experiment.”  He, also, told her he was born with  “bad blood.”  She went on to say he performed bizarre sexual acts on her, and now she is missing.  She told girls after work that she was scared something would happen to her.
Paddock paid her $6,000 a night, and she said she had been with him the night of October 1, 2017.  We know that the room service ticket showed he had two people in his room that night.
A room service receipt has emerged, purporting to be from the room Stephen Paddock stayed in. Picture: Facebook
The prostitute, Mikaela, said, “There’s messages where Stephen is telling her (another prostitute) he’s a government experiment and that they are listening to everything he says and does, and they can hack into his brain and take over,” Mikaela said.
I was thinking to myself that there was some type of “supernatural” air about this whole Las Vegas shooting that is extremely mind boggling. Whether you believe in the occult or not, in my opinion it represents getting away from God, and it moves one into the Satanic realm.  When you take into consideration all the peculiarities surrounding the night of October 1, 2017, and now the fact Paddock told a prostitute he was basically being mind-controlled…it clearly has a supernatural air about it.  How can I explain this?  It is like watching an episode of the X-FILES.
The following video by Charles Walton explains spiritual aspects that were very moving to me, and he also shows a video sent to him by a viewer.  This viewer went to the Mandalay Bay, checked in, and proceeded to go to the 32nd floor.  By the way the Mandalay is changing room numbers as we speak.
In the viewer video he films the encounter he had that night on the 32nd floor with two strange men.  One of the men had a foreign accent, and he indeed looked like a foreigner.  The other man, well…all I can say he looked very weird.    Again watching the video makes you feel like you are watching the X-Files.  Are we being played with?  Is this some type of mass government experiment?  You have the program, MKULTRA…is the what Paddock is speaking of?
Another aspect is there is no doubt the crime scene has been staged.  Those in control acted in a very careless and sloppy way, as if they wanted us to know it was staged.  Why would they create a staged crime scene in such a blatant way?
The door which was allegedly breached by a SWAT team is a great mystery in itself.  In the following photo, you can see a door laying on the floor through between rooms 32-135 and 32-134.  It appears to be whole.

By Mr. Burgundy published on January 20, 2018
He asks a series of questions.

  1. He asks why they took the door to the master bedroom for photos?  In his video, it shows door debris where the door was shattered UNDER THE GUNS.  How did it get under the guns when the door was shattered after Paddock died?
  2. He asks why Paddock had picked up all the trash in the room when he was planning to commit suicide?
  3. In the photos, the food cart is shown in two different photos, and in both photos the dishes are placed differently.
  4. He also asks what the long blue hose with the mouthpiece on it was used for?  I have to show the picture of the hose in its entirety.

How can this be explained?  In the video by Charles Walton he feels it is something used on the prostitute to torture her.  There is a picture on the net made from outside the room which looks to be a woman with this hose attached to her.
The following video shows the most peculiar aspect of the shooting.  People acted as if it was not actually happening.  One man in the crowd sticks his middle finger up toward the window of the Mandalay Bay.  Never have we observed such strange actions from basically a terrorist attack.
When you come down to earth and discover the authentic aspects which are happening in Las Vegas, the air changes into one that is believable.  For instance, in the later part of October a gang was arrested under the Operation Spartan Fist.  I am asking the question if this could be related to the night of October 1, 2017?  I wrote the following in another report:
A group of gang members were arrested not long after the Las Vegas massacre.  I feel, and this is just my own opinion, this could be connected to the massacre.
The operation was called Operation Spartan Fist.  It took place on October 19, 2017.
I will not name anyone here, but a person on YouTube, who has been investigating the Las Vegas massacre mentioned that a Mexican gang was involved with Stephen Paddock.  He said it is possible that Paddock was running guns and drugs to this gang on the Arizona border.  However, this is only information from one person, and it is not validated.
Back to this arrest… “Vegas-area police and federal law enforcement agencies have crippled a longtime area gang, indicting most of its members in a state racketeering case, the first in Nevada targeting an entire organization, authorities said.
Operation Spartan Fist netted 21 suspects in connection with two murder cases, several attempted murder incidents, drug trafficking and robbery, Clark County Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts said Thursday. They may also be linked to a third murder.  Roberts refused to name the gang, which originated in North Las Vegas and has been operating in the valley since the 1990s, saying he wanted to avoid giving it notoriety and publicity.
The gang operated in North Las Vegas and the northeast valley but was trying to expand, officials said.
“Las Vegas is a safer place today with these individuals behind bars, and we want to send a strong message to gang members who live in Las Vegas and those who come to Las Vegas and believe they can conduct criminal activity without impunity,” said Roberts, who was flanked by local and federal officials as a slideshow of mug shots, weapons and drugs flashed on a screen.
Additionally, during the investigation, which kicked off in May, three guns and an assault rifle were intercepted by authorities, possibly preventing further violent acts, Roberts said. The charges stem from crimes committed from January 2013 to October, court documents show.
NOTE:  CRIMES COMMITTED FROM JANUARY 2013 TO OCTOBER.  QUESTION: Could Stephen Paddock have been associated with this gang, or could he have been an undercover agent planted to trap this gang, but it went terribly wrong resulting in the massacre?  I am only asking this question…no one else!  COULD THE LAS VEGAS MASSACRE HAVE BEEN A PART OF SPARTAN  FIST.  
Now it is being reported that there is a serial killer in Vegas killing homeless people.

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“VIDEO:  #LVMPD detectives are asking for the public’s help finding a man we suspect of killing two homeless individuals and #shooting two others.
Read the details here:  
Please call 702-828-3521 with info.
This is very curious to me, as an investigator on YouTube said the homeless live in tunnels under the streets of Las Vegas.  One night while he was there a homeless man came up to him and asked him if he would like to buy some guns. So this is very strange.  In the Twitter video you can see the man, and it is said he appears Hispanic.  This is also in line with the arrest of the Mexican gang members in Operation Spartan Fist.
There is a new site I have discovered with many investigative aspects of the Las Vegas shooting.
One of you guys asked me if I knew about Paddock’s autopsy report.  I did not, so I researched it. This is what I found.

  1. Newly obtained autopsy report shows Paddock had anti-anxiety drug in him,
  2. Paddock died of self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head,
  3. The Clark County Coroner’s Office declined to give a copy of the report to Reuters, which the Review Journal said it obtained after a judge ordered the medical examiner to release it last week to news organizations,
  4. There was nothing in the Review-Journal’s story on Friday to suggest that the autopsy records shed any additional light on what may have driven Paddock to carry out the bloodiest U.S. shooting spree on record,
  5. And The Review-Journal also has reported that Fudenberg sent a sample of Paddock’s brain tissue to Stanford University School of Medicine in October for a neuropathological examination to look for signs of possible disorders that might have explained Paddock’s violent behavior.  However, none were found.

As far as the victims, the report said Paddock shot 16 in the head, six people were shot multiple times, and one victim’s cause of death was listed as a gunshot to the leg.  However, full autopsies were not included.
FBI Special Agent in charge, Aaron Rouse, expects the Bureau to publish its findings within a year. Of course, we are not going to sit around an hold our breath on that.
I found this to be very thought provoking.  It is news I had not heard, and it is haunting.
“As a chorus of gripping media reports detailed the unexpected death of 28 year-old Kymberley Jo (Synder) Suchomel (left photo Daily Press) in the days after the Las Vegas mass shooting, those still in search of answers in the aftermath of the tragedy were left captivated by her tale.
As the untimely circumstances of Suchomel’s death have been conflated with the unexplained events in Las Vegas, many in alternative media have hastily assumed that the young fund raiser’s death was somehow linked to her dispute of the Las Vegas mass shooting storyline via social media posts on a Facebook account associated with her. Subsequently, online interpretations of the Suchomel story have led to a digital firestorm on social media, producing a wave of speculation prior to a more complete analysis of the survivor’s tale.
According to the original story first published by the Daily Press, we’re told Suchomel died in her sleep as she was said to have suffered from epilepsy and had been “prone to seizures.” Additionally, Suchomel, who was reportedly taking medication for a pituitary tumor, was discovered dead by her grandmother Julie Norton at 8:30am on October 9th at her Apple Valley, California home. At this moment, an autopsy of Suchomel’s death is still pending.”

To make a long story short, I know all of you remember this girl dying in her sleep after a long trek with her friends running away from the shooting at the Las Vegas festival.  The story above has the following shocking facts in it.  I was speechless when I read all of this, yet it had a feeling of truth in it.
Suchomel said there were multiple shooters involved in the Las Vegas shooting, as she allegedly planned to “organize a group of survivors,” and that “The media can suck it. They have no idea what went down!”  
The story goes on to say the following:
“What you’re about to see below, is a collection of material revealing what appears to be a rather incredible financial component connected to the High Desert Phoenix Foundation, a charitable organization co-founded by the recently deceased Las Vegas mass shooting survivor Kymberley Suchomel.
The High Desert Phoenix Foundation claims to have raised funds for grieving families affected by trauma since 2008. This amazing coincidence, rather incredibly, has not been mentioned once in any of the conspiratorial claims surrounding the Suchomel story at alternative media outlets. Put another way, a survivor of a traumatic event has been a long time co-founder of a foundation that contends to have helped those who have endured a traumatic tragedy themselves. It’s a difficult question to ask  – but what are the chances of this uncanny coincidence?
Furthermore, new evidence uncovers details concerning the High Desert Phoenix Foundation’s high-profile sponsors, one that includes the The GEO Group, Inc (GEO). This long time financial donor, is also linked to well-known government contractor security firms. Is this also a coincidence?”
This is the website of the High Desert Phoenix Foundation:
“In recent years, controversy has enveloped the multi-billion-dollar corporation known as Geo Group. Critics of GEO Group contend that politically motivated contributions have led to an expansion of its for-profit prisons system through federal, state and government contractual agreements at the expense of public safety. Even more concerning, is that critics argue that GEO Group has fostered a dangerous work environment via it’s under staffed operations, inadequate training and apparent mistreatment of detainees and other inmates. This has led to a potentially volatile situation for communities nearby GEO Group’s facilities.”
I hope you will read the rest of the article.  The GEO Group is a global entity, and it has G4S security guards placed all over the world.
In 1984, Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC) had been formed as a part of The Wackenhut Corporation. In 2003, WCC management bought up all stock held by its subsidiary G4S, altering its name to The GEO Group, Inc.
In 2004, other divisions of the Wackenhut Corporation were purchased by Group 4 Falck, a security focused subsidiary known as G4S Wackenhut, was later renamed again as G4S Secure Solutions.
To conclude this report, I want to add some Wikipedia information:
Security services[edit]
G4S provides security to specific government and corporate sectors: energy, utilities, and chemical/petrochemical, financial institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, major corporations and the construction industry, ports and airports, residential communities, retail and commercial real estate and transit systems.[7]
Clients include: GSK[8] and U.S. Customs and Border Protection[9]
Nuclear services at Peach Bottom (2008)[edit]
The Wackenhut Corporation provided armed security services for many nuclear power plants. In September 2007, its employees Kerry Beal and Paul A. Kennedy videotaped their fellow security guards at the Peach Bottom Nuclear Generating Station sleeping while on duty. Beal had previously tried to notify supervisors at Wackenhut and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission about the breaches of security. Wackenhut’s contract was terminated, ending its role guarding Peach Bottom and nine other nuclear plants.[10]
Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC)[edit]
In 2003, the management of WCC, the wholly owned subsidiary of Wackenhut’s prison business, raised funds to repurchase all common stock held by G4S since 2002, changing its name to The GEO Group, Inc. The GEO Group, Inc. now operates former Wackenhut facilities in 14 states, as well as in South Africa and Australia. Some facilities, such as the Wackenhut Corrections Centers in New York, retain the Wackenhut name despite no longer having any actual connection with the company.[11]
Omar Mateen[edit]
See also: Omar Mateen and 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting
On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen, who worked at G4S from 2007 until his death, committed one of the largest mass shootings in United States history. Though Mateen’s employment as an armed guard only slightly facilitated his access to firearms, and the firearms refresher courses he took each four years at G4S suggested more substantial training on his own,[16][17] the company’s inability to detect prior warning signals brought it under widespread scrutiny.[18]
“The allegations came to light earlier this week when the watchdog group Project On Government Oversight sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and briefed reporters on its findings, which it said were based on e-mails and interviews with more than a dozen guards who have worked at the U.S. compound in Kabul.
The company, ArmorGroup, North America, has a security contract with the State Department to provide services through July 2010.
Wackenhut Services Inc., the corporate parent of ArmorGroup, e-mailed a statement on Thursday in response to questions about ArmorGroup’s private guards in Kabul.
“Our contract with the Department of State requires us to refer all questions to the Department of State, director of public affairs. We are fully cooperating with the DOS in the investigation of the recent incidents referred to in the letter from” Project On Government Oversight, said the statement, sent by Wackenhut Services spokeswoman Susan Pitcher.
On Wednesday, the U.S. Embassy said it was taking the allegations very seriously.
“Nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of all Embassy personnel — Americans and Afghan — and respect for the cultural and religious values of all Afghans,” the embassy said. “We have taken immediate steps to review all local guard force policies and procedures and have taken all possible measures to ensure our security is sound.”
Warlord and Sex Trafficking Scandal in Afghanistan[edit]
On Oct. 7, 2010, the Senate Armed Services Committee released a report detailing how ArmorGroup turned to local, Afghan warlords to provide most of the guard force at a US airbase in the Herat Province in Western Afghanistan. The report included statements from many, including an Army sergeant, who said that one of the warlords used by the company “would provide money because of his contracting jobs with ArmorGroup. He had a lot of money from that and he would give that money to Taliban commanders, and they in turn would buy weapons and ammo, whatever they needed.”[14]
With events like these as background it is instructive to expose another disturbing set of events that involve ArmorGroup in human right violations in sexual exploitation and abuse in conflict and post-conflict situations. A report by the Washington, DC, Project on Government Oversight recently released publicly tells of the wild naked antics of members of ArmorGroup (AG), which has a United States State Department contract to provide security for the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Hardly mentioned is the use of local bordellos by some contractors. It took a lawsuit filed on September 9 by James Gordon, a former ArmorGroup director of operations, and subsequent whistleblower, against ArmorGroup North America. and associated defendants – ArmorGroup International (AGI), Wackenhut Services Inc. (WSI), and various management individuals – to bring details to light. Among other things he charges that AG: Allowed AGNA managers and employees to frequent brothels notorious for housing trafficked women in violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, and shutting down the plaintiff’s efforts to investigate and put a stop to these violations. Deliberately withholding documents relating to violations of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act allegedly committed by AGNA’s program manager and other AGNA employees when responding to a document demand from US Congressman Henry Waxman on behalf of the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
According to Gordon’s lawsuit on or about November 8, 2007, ArmorGroup North America deputy program manager Jimmy Lemon informed Gordon and Puja Power, the acting director of Human Resources, that AGNA’s armorer (the official in charge of the upkeep of small arms, machine guns and ammunition) was not properly performing his duties and had recently been forcibly removed during work hours from a brothel in Kabul. Gordon instructed Ms Power to initiate action to terminate him at once. Gordon knew that the procurement of commercial sex acts by AGNA employees violated the laws of the United States and the Kabul Embassy contract. He was concerned both because the frequenting of brothels by AGNA personnel raised security concerns about the guard force’s ability to safeguard the US Embassy and because it was well known that young Chinese girls were trafficked to Kabul for commercial sexual exploitation, in violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. The act and its implementing regulations prohibit contractors, like ArmorGroup and their employees, from engaging in severe forms of trafficking in persons and from procuring commercial sex acts during the period of performance of the contract. According to the US State Department’s 2008 Trafficking in Persons Report, Afghanistan is a destination for women and girls from China, Iran and Tajikistan trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation. Afghan children also are trafficked within the country for sexual exploitation.[15]
Ineffectual Oversight by the Department of State
Failed management of security contractors by the Department of State is not new, and
since the 2007 Iraqi Mansour Square massacre involving five Blackwater personnel, the State
Department has promised repeatedly to strengthen its oversight. 8Yet, as in Iraq, the Department
of State has utterly failed to properly manage another contractor, this time at the U.S. Embassy
Kabul, Afghanistan. State has repeatedly warned AGNA about its performance on this security
contract, but its threats have been empty. As a result, violations of the contract continue.
In June 2009, an investigation by the Senate Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight
revealed a pattern of ineffectual Department of State oversight of the AGNA contract. 9The
Senate found, for instance, that in July 2007, State issued a “cure notice,” a formal advisory that
AGNA’s deficiencies were endangering the performance of the contract. In the cure notice, State
identified 14 performance deficiencies, including the failure of AGNA to provide an adequate
number of guards, relief personnel, and armored vehicles. The contracting official stated “I
consider the contract deficiencies addressed below to endanger performance of the contract to
such a degree that the security of the US Embassy in Kabul is in jeopardy…. ,I0
“The Clinton Administration took the groundwork laid by Nixon, Reagan and Bush and embraced and blossomed the expansion and promotion of federal support for police, enforcement and the War on Drugs…Whether through subsidy, credit and asset forfeiture kickbacks to state and local government or increased laws, regulations and federal sentencing and imprisonment, the supremacy of the federal enforcement infrastructure and the industry it feeds was to be a Clinton legacy.
One of the first major initiatives by President Bill Clinton was the Omnibus Crime Bill signed into law in September 1994..This legislation implemented mandatory sentencing, authorized $10.5 billion to fund prison construction that mandatory sentencing would help require…
The potential impact on the private prison industry was significant. With the bill only through the House, former Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti (D) joined the board of Wackenhut Corrections which went public in July 1994 [two months before Clinton signed the bill] with an initial public offering of 2.2 million shares. By the end of 1998, Wackenhut’s stock market value had increased almost ten times.
However, the Clinton Administration did not wait for the Omnibus Crime Bill to build the federal enforcement infrastructure. Government-wide. agencies were encouraged to cash in on support in both Executive Branch and Congress to authorizations and programs many justified under the umbrella of the War on Drugs that allowed agency personnel to carry weapons, make arrests and generate revenues to money markets such as civil money penalties and asset forfeitures and seizures. Indeed, federal enforcement was moving towards a model that some would call ‘for profit’…
Others, like Catherine Austin Fitts, call it genocide.
On February 25th, Ashley Williams, a Black Lives Matter activist asked Hillary Clinton “to apologize to black people for supporting mass incarceration in the 1990s”. Clinton was also attacked for a 1994 speech where she described gang members as “super predators [with] no conscience, no empathy”, saying, “we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel”.
The truth about the Clintons’ central role in the War on Drugs and for the mass incarceration of black Americans is coming to light. So be it. It’s about time.
Bernie will ban private prisons. Hillary accepted $133, 246 from prison lobbyists.”
In conclusion, the rabbit hole is deep, and it is especially deep in the Las Vegas Massacre.  I tried to touch on all the theories and questions, which are so many one cannot possibly list them all.  In many links, you find facts that you may take and decipher them for yourself.  I am finding the world is really a small place now.  It is like starting out in one place and ending up right back in that same place again…if you get my drift.


37 thoughts on “Las Vegas Massacre – “Supernatural” – Paddock Said His Brain Was Hacked – More Strangeness And More Facts.”

  1. I still haven’t seen any explanation that I think comes close to what actually happened.
    I don’t think it’s possible to control an innocent person’s actions to the extent that would be required for the “experiment” theory. Certainly not without some very serious brain implants (and there’s no way those could have been hidden from the autopsy), and probably not even with them, we don’t understand well enough how the brain works (and chances are even if we understood the brain completely, such implants would have to be developed individually for each target person – not all brains tick alike). We can of course give someone drugs that are known to lower inhibitions, but trigger something that specific and still keep the person doing it in a shape where he can pull it off? Not so much. Also, if Paddock was essentially remote controlled and the purpose of the event was to see if it worked, why hire the second shooter? (The obvious answer, “distraction”, doesn’t really work — if the second shooter was there to distract non-corrupted law enforcement or so, he would have been far more visible).
    On the other hand, that theory would explain the reasons for actions that had no apparent motive, as well as the fact that they didn’t just arrange Paddock’s death immediately before he could get any word out.
    For the serial killer going after homeless people, I have a completely different theory that is unrelated to the shooting: The government has secret troops out there tasked with something like “cleaning the streets of useless eaters”. Save money by not having to pay for food stamps, make the cities appear “clean” to outsiders, pretend all is great and we’re much better than Russia or anyone else. I don’t have any proof for this, but it matches the government’s usual behavior patterns perfectly.

    • I need to link an article here I found after I did this one. When I read it, I read truth. This is a multifaceted event, like kill two birds with one stone, planned for a very long time. Paddock was a gun runner, drug runner, and child trafficker, and I believe this. I think he had done this for a very long time. Basically this was another Fast and Furious, but at the same time it was a ritualistic sacrifice to Lucifer by the Deep State. I am going to get that link and post it on this report….I believe it is the answer.

      • Agree 100% about Paddock. But I stay with the theory that something went unplanned and was not engineered by the Elites to go down this way. If it was it would have been much cleaner operation with much more blood shed and no lose end questions.

          • That is what I am referring to with the Operation Spartan Fist that took place on October 18, 2017 right after the Massacre. It was not really in the news, but they arrested a huge amount of gang members. What if they were the ones Paddock was selling to that night. What if they are the ones that took over and did the shooting in small pockets all over the Vegas Strip. Basically it was some type of showdown, but at the same time the PTB saw it as a sacrifice to Lucifer. If they had intelligence it was coming down, which they did due to Paddock’s connection to the FBI, they watched it happen….led it along, and boom. Basically we are seeing a true battlefield Vegas….the truly SIN CITY…THE PERFECT PLACE FOR A HUMAN SACRIFICE.

          • U doin good. SInce you mentioned the Mex gang members again, let me just ask u to keep an eye out for Waco Biker shootout stuff. Out of the 9 killed, 7 were Cossaks MC and 2 were the Bandidos. It would be interesting to see if the majority of those wounded were non HIspanic names also and what colors they were wearing.
            Of the 7 Cossaks shot, 6 were headshots, Sniper shots? Neither of the 2 Bandidos were headshots. So it seems at the surface the Hispanics got off easy. Was this an ambush set up by the cops? MC clubs have been movin drugs for decades makin Big Bucks and have numerous LEO’s and Judges paid off.
            I NO NOTHIN! Just strange how this Waco Shootin has got even less play than the Vegas one. Is there more? I don’t know. Are these bad Bandidos tied up to the Mex Cartel and Vegas? I neither believe nor disbelieve anything anymore!
            All these bad boys are so infiltrated by the Agencies that they can and are easily manipulated by the Agencies without the players even knowing they are being played. Are U familiar with the Senate Church Committee back in the 1970s? It roughly stated that 55% of the KKK were Gubermint agents or informants, 25% of the Weathermen and SDS and 15% of the Black Panthers. I believe Bill Ayers was one of these a well as about 3 other of Obama’s mentors/friends.
            So it is entirely possible that the Agency ratted out Paddock to the Mex gangs to cause a diversion and used the helicopter to add even more of a diversion to wack the Crown Prince if he was or was NOT there.
            Perhaps his double was? A big shake down sure occured in Saudi Arabia. The new King is definitely NOT a Clintonista if I recall correctly and treated the Clinton supporters of the Royal Family rather harshly. We ALL KNOW the Clintons are Globalist puppets. LOL!
            So I just warn you even though one senario is proven true, it doesn’t negate others. Satan is the father of Lies and one of the 99 names of Allah is the Master of Deceit!

    • IWB is switching again to the new website theme, and it may be a while before it is up to stay. I just did a new article on Las Vegas, and it was one I felt more than any other. I knew for the first time what I was truly seeing and feeling this…as facts were not there…it was simply a hap-hazard chaotic mix of material the human mind could not put together. I knew then it was the occult…the NWO/Luciferians human sacrifice at the man-made Temple modeled after the original occultists the Aztecs and the Egyptians. We have reached a point in our development here that technology has achieved what they needed to control the mind of man. Paddock thought he was mind-controlled…that is in my new report, which will be posted soon. However, I found the following link AFTER i finished the report to be published soon. When I read this
      I almost passed out in shock. This is what I was coming to, and what we must know at this time….more than any other time in history is we are staring the BEAST in the face. It is upon us, and the only tool we have to fight is not a tool at all…it is what we have refined all of our lives…our belief system…our faith and trust in the Savior Jesus Christ, who literally came here to sacrifice for us. He spilled His blood upon this Earth to fight against the human sacrifice we are now looking at. They mock Him by sacrificing us again and again to their god, Lucifer. Christ is Lucifer’s opponent on this earth, and we must not fear losing our earthly existence to the point we give up our faith to fear. We cannot sacrifice our soul to keep our body. They want us to FEAR what we spiritually know Las Vegas represents. When we do that it makes us weak enough to control. Only by being God oriented from head to toe…from inside to out….can we carry on in this spiritual battle. If we must shed our blood on this earth to stand beside Christ, then we must do it. We must move forward in faith and trust in the path of Christ…putting all else aside, as Christ is the key to understanding Las Vegas.

    • Paddock this Paddock that . . . there is not one shred of evidence that Paddock did this shooting! Everything ‘incriminating” that has been linked to him has been CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, which would never hold up in a trial. Why is the lid being kept on the REAL evidence here?
      1) Possible lawsuits against negligent parties(Mandalay Bay, security, etc.)?
      2) Connections to US intelligence?
      3) A Saudi angle in that the Royals own the top four floors of Mandalay bay, where muzzle flashes were seen(not the 32 floor!)?
      4) An FBI/CIA connection to the “participant” framed- Steve Paddock(remember Jack Ruby?)?
      5) Las Vegas concerned about losing customers if “security” failed?
      6) Where are the depositions of the people being shot at? Those people totally destroy the official version(multiple shooters and perches)
      7) Paddocks’ gun-running connects him with high government officials?
      8) It was part hoax and part real(the “real” clouds the hoax- there WERE dead people so how can it be a hoax, right?)
      Personally, if an obvious cover lie is put in place to any event, I never accept the explanation coming from “authorities” without all pertinent questions being satisfactorily answered!

      • Tom, excellent synopsis….I agree with everything you said, especially after reading the police report. You are right …we cannot see the forest for the trees…hoax and real mixed together. It had been planned for a long time, and the evil that planned and developed it as the ultimate blood sacrifice to Lucifer….Vegas is Sin City, and there is no better home for Lucifer than Vegas.

    • If anyone is cleanin up da streets in Vegas, I would, without NO knowledge, think that the Casino Operators Globalist money launderers have the motive to have a safe secure place for suckers to lose their money and provide a base for their laundering of dirty gubermint./mob/drug money!

      • With the big a shooting, there would be many severely wounded still undergoing treatment. Notice that the police report completely dismisses wounded victims. This whole scenario is another faux false flag like Sandy Hook and Orlando as a pretense for gun control. The Operation Mockingbird CFR media, aka MGM studios, carefully staged this event like the others. Where are the severely wounded? Again, just like Sandy Hook, if you were a victim, you were killed. That is inconsistent with actual real life shootings. Woundings are much more prevalent and long lasting.

          • Remember, People did Die. How many and from what caliber of bullets is the question!
            Different subject, but kinda related:
            I just did a 3 hour search on Waco Biker shootin and can find little follow up. Only that as of last month, over 2 years after, the authorities will NOT say how many were killed by police and where the fatal shots were.
            For 318 weapons to be confiscated and the shootin only lasted 1 to 2 minutes, I’d say some severe sniping dropped the 9 dead and 18 to 20 wounded real fast.
            It practically is impossible to enforce a cease fire command durin a firefight in a combat operation. It generally takes minutes among disciplined troops, and this by a couple hundred bikers by police bull horn, I suppose?
            Another conspiracy which the official story does NOT hold up!

          • Below is an interesting post:
            Lou • 32 minutes ago
            Lou • 32 minutes ago
            “How Bad Will This Get for Hillary and Obama?”
            The question is how many MORE hundreds of innocent people will these monsters MURDER in a futile attempt to cover up their numerous crimes?
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            The passenger death list for the Russian AN-148 passenger plane carrying 71 people that crashed yesterday, has been released revealing Ivanov Vyacheslav, the top CFO of Rosatom/RuaniumOne, amongst the dead. Vyacheslav was involved in Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Obama.
  … © Neon Nettle
            This crash looks to me like someone hacked into one of the computers in the flight control system and fed a false reading to the remote control computer, Reminds me of the Asian airline crash in San Francisco. NOTE to pilots Stay the feck OFF remote control when taking off and landing or DIE.

          • Did you see Mrs. Obama’s portrait? One could never recognize her by it even with her standing beside it. What’s even crazier Mrs. Obama is prettier lookin than the portrait. To add to that he painted Obama with a sperm cell over most of his forehead/temple.
            To top that off he painted a picture of a wild black woman cutting the head off a little white girl back in 2012. U can’t make this stuff up. No LOL!

  2. eating bagels before a murderous attack?
    Super Rich ragheads on the floors above and the mosad at Adelson place, choppers shooting at everything my goodness like a 911 mystery. jews ,arabs and feds in a Vegas shootout ?
    go to Russian today they print some true news.

  3. “they are listening to everything he says and does, and they can hack into his brain and take over,”
    The technology for projecting sound into a persons head from a distance has existed for many decades. I suspect it has been operationally perfected for at least a decade or so. So if you think you are hearing “voices” in your head you may well be. This is a comforting thought for all who may be a TARGET for one of the many Alphabet Agencies. The “voices” can suggest and command you do or do not do anything. They can do this 24×7. Knowing this you can relatively easily defeat most of it.
    Paddock was obviously a “person of interest” for some big powerful global Players; a pawn to be used and discarded. OBVIOUSLY Citizen Disarmament was ONE of the goals of the Las Vegas operation. Personally I believe very few people died at the event. People involved in the cover up do keep dying at a steady rate.

  4. There is one thing that discredits the entire investigation. It is being conducted by the FBI. They have proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy and unreliable when it comes to serving justice. The proof of that is in the recent FISA memos, regardless if they are not ever held accountable for their crimes. Don’t ever expect this investigation to come to a realistic conclusion based on facts as long as the FBI is conducting the investigation. Period. In my opinion, it is the guilty party that is conducting the investigation into their own crimes.

    • You know what I said about the world being a small place? You end up right back where you started. The players right now, who are in charge are Clinton, Comey, and Podesta….you start out in Vegas and you end up with those three…they along with Obama are the globally elite who do the bidding for the United Nations and the New World Order. All this is the New World Order.


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