Last night Bill Maher said what every lefitist truly thinks but might not say out loud: That he HOPES FOR A RECESSION to hurt President Trump.

They’d rather see our country fail if it means Trump won’t succeed. This is peak Trump derangement, folks. SAD!

this could be a huge red pill for normies. the last thing they would contemplate is hoping the economy goes bad for political reasons.

we can’t let them forget he said this. This could be a seminal reveal about what the left truly cares about- and it’s not the American people.


bonus: check out the comment section. Leftist shills are out in force filling the thread with off topic nonsense.

This says they don’t know how to spin this so they are trying to bury comments in a sea of gibberish. Shareblue 101 tactics.

But it also says they know it’s a hell of a damaging (and revealing) thing to say. Don’t let them memory hole this!


h/t DemocratMafia