Last year China produced 50% of the world’s computers and mobile phones; the US made only 6%

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China’s winning the race to control the 21st century’s most valuable commodity

A new study from Harvard’s Belfer Center comparing the technological capabilities and progress of the US and China is an alarming read for Americans – and illustrates why the predictions of many experts were ill-judged.
The report, titled ‘The Great Technological Rivalry’, has concluded not only that China has made extraordinary technological leaps, making it a “full-spectrum peer competitor,” but that it looks well placed to dominate the future.

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In less than a quarter of a century, America’s preeminent technological leadership of the world has been reversed. China has displaced the US as the top high-tech manufacturer globally, producing 250 million computers, 25 million automobiles, and 1.5 billion smartphones in 2020.

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