Latest venture capital barometer came out just awful, FHFA Purchases still in major deceleration mode, largest-ever VIX short continues unwind

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Consumer Confidence Disappoints As Hope Fades

Despite record high stocks, the headline consumer confidence data disappointed, printing 126.5 (down from the upwardly revised 126.8) and well below the hopeful 128.5 expected.


Value of private equity deals hits post-crisis high fueled by cheap debt and big cash inflows [FT]

Fuelled by cheap debt and large inflows of cash from pension funds and other investors seeking high returns in a low interest-rate environment, buyout groups are hungry for deals and willing to take on larger and more complex target companies.

Pension funds are hungry for more risk and yield.

Apollo, Blackstone, KKR and Ares, some of America’s biggest private equity firms, have seen shares soar to record highs this year after switching from partnership to corporation status — a move that makes it easier for mutual funds and index trackers to own shares.

Offload to the bagholders I guess.

Her proposed new rules would make private equity groups responsible for the debts of the companies they owned, in effect banning the private equity model in its current form.

I actually agree with Warren on something.

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