Laura Loomer: Tech Execs LIED Under Oath to Congress About Suppressing Conservative Content

Alicia Powe for the Gateway Pundit reports, Investigative journalist Laura Loomer blasted executives of Google, Facebook and Twitter for lying to Congress about suppressing conservative content and censoring Trump supporters in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit.

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“More conservatives need to actually take a stand against social media censorship. It’s extremely problematic what is taking place and the lack of accountability is egregious quite frankly,” Loomer said. “You see that these tech giants, people like Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and Jack Dorsey testified to Congress in September about the topic of social media censorship of conservatives under oath.

“They lied to Congress and they said that they are not censoring. But there is so much evidence that shows there is censorship of conservatives currently taking place.”

The conservative firebrand says she is living proof that big tech thought police act as gatekeepers preventing conservative content from being shared online.

“Whether it be the Project Veritas exposé, where you have Twitter engineers on camera admitting that they are censoring and shadow-banning conservatives, and laughing about it and celebrating it — look at the double standards.” she said.“Look at the double standards that I presented when I handcuffed myself to the Twitter HQ in New York. Why did I get banned for hate speech when I post facts about a Muslim congresswoman?”


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