Lawyer Fighting Cases of Vaccine Exemption, Know Your Rights Under The Law

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Vaccine Exemptions in the USA
Alan Phillips, JD video at above link

Alan Phillips, J.D. has over 16 years of law practice experience as an attorney from late 2002 to mid-2019.

During this time, Alan helped 1,000’s of people better understand their right to legally refuse mandatory immunizations in over a dozen different exemption categories, concerning vaccines required at birth; for daycare, grade school and college enrollment (in public, private, home and military schools); as a condition of employment; for military members, families, civilian contractors, national guard and other military persons; for immigrants, including refugees and foreign-adopted children; for children of parents in family law child custody disputes; and other situations.

Vaccine Custody Disputes

Alan has led the way in this uncharted territory. Bottom line, vaccine law is different from everything else. . .

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Laws vary from state to state, and non-authoritative sources (e.g., activist websites) are generally not reliable sources of information about your rights, Furthermore, legal disinformation–false information masquerading as truth–is currently running rampant. But in general:

1. Exemptions for routine vaccines may not apply to emergency COVID vaccines.

2. The current plan is to vaccinate the entire human population with no exceptions. Contract tracing may result in vaccine-refusers being repeatedly quarantined until they accept the vaccine.

3. State governors and health directors have authority to order emergency vaccines. In many states, violating a health order can result in fines and jail time.

Review your state’s emergency health laws (statutes and health department regulations) to learn more about your rights and responsibilities.



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