via Foxnews: John Sullivan “faces federal charges of civil disorder, entering a restricted building and violent entry or disorderly conduct…As protesters climbed over a wall near the Capitol entrance, he allegedly exclaimed in the video, ‘You guys are f—— savage. Let’s go!’ ‘There are so many people,’ Sullivan’s voice can be heard saying as the camera shows a large group of people making its way toward the building. ‘Let’s go. This s— is ours! F– yeah. I can’t believe this is reality.’ ‘We accomplished this s—,’ he said at another point ‘We did this together. F— yeah! We are all a part of this history…’ While he has denied ties to Antifa in recent interviews, his group Insurgence USA had advertised an event called ‘Kick These Fascists out of DC’ on Wednesday around the same time as a pro-Trump rally near the National Mall that preceded the Capitol chaos.”

“After the rioting, Sullivan was invited onto CNN to discuss what he witnessed at the U.S. Capitol,” the Blaze adds.

However, Curtis Houck of NewsBusters tweets, “Guys, just because the BLM/Antifa guy has been charged doesn’t mean that they planned this and it was a false flag. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but facts don’t care about your feelings.”

And as Dan McLaughlin wrote a week ago: It Doesn’t Matter if a Few of Them Were Antifa. “But the hunt to find a few false-flaggers in a mob of the most deplorable segment of Trump supporters is a red herring. Even if some of them were there, it does not change what happened, or why. And if you’re trying to sell the theory that left-wingers were a driving force in all this, you better have hard evidence for that, because you are swimming against the tide of simple common sense, basic human experience, and what we can see with our own eyes.”

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UPDATE: On the other hand, “Maybe this is why you don’t do one-day show trials masquerading as impeachment,” GOP spokeswoman Liz Harrington tweets.

Giuliani speaks out again – BLM riot professionals responsible for Capitol riot that is baselessly blamed on Trump

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