Left-Wing Billionaire Bloomberg: Raising Taxes on Poor People is a “good thing”

Why do most of the elite democrats and leftists want to take money from poor people.

Are they just greedy to the core?

“Bloomberg: “The question is do you want to pander to those people?”

Bloomberg: “Taxes or life? Which do you want to do? Take your poison.”

Michael Bloomberg, a nanny-state-imposing left-wing billionaire, is now on video promoting tax increases on poor people, calling such tax hikes a “good thing.” For years, Bloomberg has personally funded and promoted all sorts of regressive taxes and regulations in an attempt to push people around. He uses the coercive power of the government to force people to live their lives as he sees fit.

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So here is Bloomberg on stage with another global mandarin, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. Bloomberg refers to low income individuals as “those people” and takes shots at the U.S. military and coal miners. He clearly reveals his arrogant, bullying worldview [click here for video]:

Michael Bloomberg: “Some people say, well, taxes are regressive. But in this case, yes they are. That’s the good thing about them because the problem is in people that don’t have a lot of money. And so, higher taxes should have a bigger impact on their behavior and how they deal with themselves. So, I listen to people saying ‘oh we don’t want to tax the poor.’ Well, we want the poor to live longer so that they can get an education and enjoy life. And that’s why you do want to do exactly what a lot of people say you don’t want to do.”

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