Left wing ideology is nothing more than life's losers demanding things from the winners

by Zaqwert
Think about every left wing policy and what it ultimately boils down to… those who are deficient demanding things from those who excel.
The productive forced to give to the lazy.
The strong forced to carry the weak.
The intelligent forced to babysit the stupid.
The healthy forced to care for the sick.
The responsible forced to cleanup after the irresponsible.
This is why left wing societies always devolve into absolute shit holes of despair (see Venezuela the past decade).
A healthy host can only tolerate so many parasites. Eventually there reaches a tipping point where the parasites kill the host and at that point they all die.
I’m tired of my life being made worse at every turn so that human garbage can sustain themselves on my accomplishments and abilities.

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1 thought on “Left wing ideology is nothing more than life's losers demanding things from the winners

  1. Left/right, conservative/liberal, white/non-white, etc etc etc! Talk about your divide and conquer agenda! The biggest divider of people in the USA is none of the above. The biggest divider is ACTUAL knowledge, that is, people who are informed by FACTUAL information outlets and those who accept the “fake news(propaganda)” unknowingly as truth. If everyone had the same information and that information was genuine and not a lie, there would be far less divisiveness in this nation! Facts open up the obviousness of any story and when things are more obvious, there is usually less argument. Those people who will NOT accept any information that runs counter to their beliefs are not any of the above(conservative or liberal, etc), but fools in denial!

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