Leftists Know Exactly What’s Happening

Between Obama’s OFA, which the website has the same photo that he uses on twitter, and their “Resist,” school that Elizabeth Warren pushed on YouTube. They know exactly what’s happening.

It’s no longer about left verses right. It is completely about good verses evil.

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I’ve checked the OFA site. They have several classes about doing everything they can to resist. They care about nothing but doing Satan’s work. They have physically attacked people who stand with Trump and our nation.

They are trained to act like animals to resist. They hate America. They march and scream, “No borders, now walls no USA at all.”


They are just as corrupt and immoral as the democrat party the RINOS and the entire deep state.

They don’t even think about the fact that they will lose their rights, and they will be the most affected by their communist dream.



h/t SouthSide