Legalized Fraud – The One Group Who Gets a Green Light to Do It & Get Away With It

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by Thinker

Another mysterious death of yet another banker from the land of fraud, corruption, and bailouts for profit groups. Being a banker is a sketchy business depending on how much you know that isn’t right. Death by association or was there a death at all?

Southwest Airlines flight: Engine explodes as plane from New York to Dallas makes emergency landing and Banking Executive dies?

How could an adult be partially sucked out of an airplane window? Don’t know if a kids head would fit through the window and where is all the blood that should be all over the seat and down the window if it did really happen? Distraction stories from the exposure of the elite pedophiles happening in the world or a witness that needed to be gone?

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When a plane engine explodes, shouldn’t there be black marks from the explosion on the engine and parts burned?

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Passengers not wearing oxygen masks properly and not panicked?

Was it a drill with mostly men on the plane?

Dumb people will believe anything and stories now seem to have two directions – truth and lies.…fb12005281

Noam Chomsky, Joseph Stiglitz, John Perkins and Herman Daly explains the system we live by and only you can change it.


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