Legendary Investor Says This Is The “Most Troubled I’ve Been About My Future…Maybe Ever”

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via silverdoctors:

Legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller was recently interviewed by Real Vision, and the interview has since been made public.

Carve out the time to watch the entire video as it provides a wealth of information that people would normally have to pay to see with a subscription to Real Vision.

I’d like to focus on the interview by starting it just after the ten minute mark. That’s where the interview really picks up.

What is bothersome to one of the greatest investor’s of all time?

Tune in to the interview below to find out:


That interview is quite telling.

And since we’re on the topic of the what’s bothering one of the worlds’s greatest investors, let’s all remember what he said about the US National Debt, and the problem of unfunded liabilities.

From an awesome write-up over at SD Bullion, we get this other nugget of truth from Druckenmiller:

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That was quite telling too, and that clip is five years old!

So let’s put all of this together and come up with a working thesis –

There are no true markets with real price discovery anymore as the central banks and the HFT algos have taken over. On top of that, we have an unfunded liability crisis that, at net present value, some five years ago, was $200,000,000,000,000.

Sounds like something us crazy Gold Bugs and Silver Bugs talk about all the time, doesn’t it?

But here’s the thing: When a person has made enough money that he or she doesn’t need to worry about what he or she says, then he or she can speak freely.

As such, Stanley gets to speak true to his mind, and we find out that what’s bothering Stanley is not so different from what we in the alternative media talk about day in and day out. Mainly that there are big problems in the markets and in the economy.

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Taking our working thesis above and building on it, what does all of this mean going forward?

With each passing day, with each passing week, and with each passing year, the central banks and the HFT algos have artificially and un-naturally distorted the markets even more, and, by extension, they have distorted the entire economy. On top of that, the US national debt and unfunded liabilities have only grown, and, let’s all face the reality that this debt is about to go vertical, and when it goes vertical it goes BOOM!

To say we have a recipe for financial disaster is an understatement.

We have the recipe for complete and total economic collapse.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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