Let’s all share popular conservative social media channels here, because YT is hiding them from my recommendations

by yessir

It’s hard to find new conservative/pro-Trump YT channels, please share some with me and subscribe to others to help boost our community.

Conservative Twins: The Hodge Twins are two black bodybuilders supporting Trump.

Dinesh D’Souza

Ben Shapiro


Ted Cruz

Steven Crowder

Semore Views: Small new channel

Stefan Molyneux

The Epoch Times: Anti-China news

Viva Frei: Lawyer that gives legal takes, tries to be neutral but often ends up pro-conservative.

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko: Psychologist that discusses TDS


Sargon of Akkad

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Mark Dice

Blue Collar Logic
Conservative Resurgence
Don’t Walk, Run! Productions
Dr. Steve Turley
Mr. Reagan
Rebel News
The Rageaholic
John Ward
Matt Christiansen


If you are interested in British conservative talk (can be quite interesting, got hooked during Brexit drama):

Nigel Farage


Jeff Taylor

The Duran

Ex-Army Paz

We Gotta Problem

Mahyar Tousi

The Delingpole Channel

The New Culture Forum Channel


Grand Torino



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