Letter crisis is imminent

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by Tooluka

Letter supply crisis in the cryptocurrency industry is nigh. Currently almost half of all English letters is already taken and supply for new shitcoins is dwindling for both sides of dollar. We need to make some aggressive changes to accommodate latecoiners who don’t get scam people in the user friendly and concise way. I propose a radical solution – Cyrillic names! All hail our tzar and overlord of all fringe lunatics Putin!

Wait, no, strike that. I have a better idea – 美元 ! Praise be the our new juche chairman Winnie the Xi!

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  1. USDT
  2. USDC
  3. BUSD
  4. TUSD
  5. USDP
  6. USDN
  7. HUSD
  8. LUSD
  9. GUSD
  10. USDX
  11. SUSD (very sus)
  12. CUSD
  13. MUSD
  14. USDK
  15. OUSD
  16. USDS
  17. USDP (doublecoiners looks like, see #5)
  18. ZUSD
  19. USDB
  20. XUSD
  21. USDQ
  22. USDL
  23. DUSD

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