Letter to Attorney General Barr from Trump’s Attorney Emmet Flood LEAKS: “On the Warpath: Emmet Flood’s Letter Signals a New Phase”

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On the Warpath: Emmet Flood’s Letter Signals a New Phase

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I think it is safe to say that the New York Times story yesterday that we were the first to highlight was CYA. They were trying to get out in front of things and acknowledge the FBI had a reason to spy on Trump. But they have failed because the universal conclusion across the spectrum is the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign. That’s what that story essentially acknowledges now.

I think, based on Trump’s interview last night with Catherine Herridge on Fox News, that New York Times story yesterday admitting that they’re spying on Papadopoulos and trying to entrap Papadopoulos, and Emmet Flood, Trump’s lawyer, has sent a four-page letter to William Barr, and I think it means that they are on the warpath now.


Rush Limbaugh Show Video Podcast Friday May, 03 2019

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Friday – May 03, 2019


SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “Barr is investigating Democrats. Democrats call for Barr to resign. According to Nadler, that’s obstruction of justice!”

MICHAEL GOODWIN: William Barr exposed the rampant desperation of Trump’s foes.

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BYRON YORK: “So now we know the FBI wiretapped Carter Page and used undercover informant Stefan Halper and investigator ‘Azra Turk,’ posing as a research assistant, to gather information on George Papadopoulos. Remember the anger when AG Barr mentioned ‘spying’ on Trump campaign?”

They were angry that he said it happened, because they knew it happened.

Rep. Mark Meadows: “Absolutely not a coincidence leaks are coming out now. FBI knows Barr investigating. IG report coming. They’re worried.



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