Liberal democracy is dying as the world converges on authoritarian beigeness

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Elites no longer believe in the people’s vote, and right now they are winning

It is possible, we have discovered, to adopt a version of capitalism, as China and Russia did, without embracing free speech and free elections. But Fukuyama had put his finger on a crucial trend. Globalisation is indeed spreading to politics and bringing about the same sort of convergence we see in every other field, from fashion to food.. The shocking reality is that the great democracies, including, tragically, Britain, are becoming steadily less libertarian and less democratic. Political systems are becoming less distinct and the old ideological power blocs (such as “the West”) are blurring or even gradually merging into one uniform mush..

The political scientist Clay Fuller calls this new consensus “authoritarian liberalism”. He predicts that, if it continues, it will encourage some to push for a nightmarish world superstate on the basis that “effective global governance would be possible for the first time in world history”.

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Managerialism is now the dominant ideology among the educated classes around the world. It is based on the idea that popular voting is fine as long as it doesn’t change anything, of heavy government intervention in a nominally private economy, extensive social control and a move away from traditional, liberal individualism to an obsession with groups.. In Europe and America, the changes have included a massive increase in the power of judges, unelected central banks, surveillance states and ever-creeping paternalism and social control..

The is how it’s playing out in England. There’s a local election today in Lewisham, south London:

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Howled down by the Left, closed down by the police

‘Racist scum’, ‘UKIP scum’, fingers in the air, ‘shame on you’ and Socialist Worker banners greeted me on Tuesday as I arrived at a hustings for today’s Lewisham East by-election.

As a London Assembly member I have been to many political debates, meetings and hustings, and over the years I have seen our heritage, customs and culture and free speech under various forms of attack from the Left.. But Tuesday’s episode in south London was more sinister and dangerous to our democracy than anything I have seen before…

The same thing happened to Anne Marie Walters, speaking for the rightwing For Britain Party.



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