Liberals are getting more and more unhinged every day. They are more than losing it – they are trying to instigate civil war.

Well, if that is what they want, who am I to deny them ?
Host Chris Wallace ended the segment by saying, “Take it into the panel room.”
(Artemis Rand note: Take it to the panel room ? No way. Let’s take it to the streets, to the battlefield and let’s settle this once and for all. That is what you liberals want, right ? I am not threatening anyone – you are threatening ME.)

But no one will honestly answer pollsters as long as leftists are pepper-spraying, beating, egging, and terrorizing anyone open to the idea of enforcing immigration laws, Coulter told Breitbart News.
“As long as we live in a country where liberals are going to violently attack anyone who disagrees with them, what is the point of polling?” Coulter asked. “The left’s recent eruptions of rage, lies and fascistic violence has resulted in a populace where no one wants to upset the little darlings. We may as well admit that in the current environment, public policy polls are useless.”
Just take a look at these freaks.

Liberals also rig video game ratings. Sad!

I’m triggered

Liberal Mass Effect Game Developer goes on a racist rant against white people. The game also doesn’t allow the creation of a white character.

Coulter: ‘As Long As We Live in a Country Where Liberals Are Going to Violently Attack Anyone Who Disagrees with Them, What Is the Point of Polling?’
h/t Artemis Rand