Liberals are getting more and more unhinged every day. They are more than losing it – they are trying to instigate civil war.

Well, if that is what they want, who am I to deny them ?
Host Chris Wallace ended the segment by saying, “Take it into the panel room.”
(Artemis Rand note: Take it to the panel room ? No way. Let’s take it to the streets, to the battlefield and let’s settle this once and for all. That is what you liberals want, right ? I am not threatening anyone – you are threatening ME.)

But no one will honestly answer pollsters as long as leftists are pepper-spraying, beating, egging, and terrorizing anyone open to the idea of enforcing immigration laws, Coulter told Breitbart News.
“As long as we live in a country where liberals are going to violently attack anyone who disagrees with them, what is the point of polling?” Coulter asked. “The left’s recent eruptions of rage, lies and fascistic violence has resulted in a populace where no one wants to upset the little darlings. We may as well admit that in the current environment, public policy polls are useless.”
Just take a look at these freaks.

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Liberals also rig video game ratings. Sad!

I’m triggered

Liberal Mass Effect Game Developer goes on a racist rant against white people. The game also doesn’t allow the creation of a white character.

Coulter: ‘As Long As We Live in a Country Where Liberals Are Going to Violently Attack Anyone Who Disagrees with Them, What Is the Point of Polling?’
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15 thoughts on “Liberals are getting more and more unhinged every day. They are more than losing it – they are trying to instigate civil war.

  1. Anyone familiar with Texas Hold ’em?
    The Leftist’s have foolishly gone “All In on this.
    Even though they are holding a pair of twos, they can no longer concede. They will do anything and everything imaginable. If they lose this one, they are busted, and out.

  2. Liberals are only resisting Trumps goose-stepping towards fascism. Every day Trump spews more of his hateful lies. His administration is full of swindlers and con artists. He wants to gut the parts of government that actually do something useful, while greatly increasing the funding for the most dysfunctional and corrupt parts of government, including the military. Our military budget is already bloated to over 10 times what is needed, and Trump wants to greatly increase that?! It’s time for a strong anti-war movement, that will make the one of the ’60s (opposing that illegal war based on lies, as proven by the leaked Pentagon Papers) seem like a picnic. We need to end war once and for all, along with the crooks that profit from war, and actually causes wars, solely for their personal profits. The deaths of our soldiers as well as innocent civilians doesn’t matter to these greedy psychopaths.

    • Largely agreed, but do you really think someone who pushes war criminal Hitlery “let’s bomb Libya’s civilian water supply” Clinton as an alternative wants to do something about the wars?
      It’s time for the sane people on both sides of the aisle to dump the warmongering scumbags largely controlling both parties. Replacing a Bush with a Clinton or a Clinton with a Bush is not going to change anything, and from the looks of it so far, neither is putting in Trump. We need to dump the establishment of both parties simultaneously.
      We’ve tried dumping war party 1 for war party 2 and then back for half a century now. This is where it got us.
      Stop Trump if you like, but first of all make sure they can’t find a way to replace him with an even bigger warmonger like McCain, Graham, Hitlery Clinton, or another Bush (which is exactly what various well-funded organizations behind protests want to do).

      • The Bush-Clinton crime organization is contained within the CIA. These people are all CIA pretending to be American citizens.

  3. Until you take away reality tv, Facebook, Instagram, and 157 million smartphones, you ain’t startin Jack or shyt.

  4. Well, they’ve lost their credibility so their ranks are shrinking and so is their moral support coming from the citizenry, and now they’re forced to up the ante and complain as loudly as possible and try for all they’re worth to exploit people’s dissatisfaction with government and stir up ‘Love and peace.’ . But people have gotten tired of hearing them so maybe their hot wind will cool off and die down and they’ll simply dry up and blow away. Let’s hope so, and the sooner the better.

  5. lib·er·al·ism (l?b??r-?-l?z??m, l?b?r?-)
    1. The state
    or quality of being liberal.
    a. A political theory founded on the
    natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual
    and favoring civil
    and political liberties,
    government by law with the consent
    of the governed, and
    protection from arbitrary
    b. often Liberalism
    The tenets or policies
    of a Liberal party.
    What part of that definition describes the
    behavior of the people you claim to be liberal? When did the meaning of liberal change? Why are you so afraid of calling these people what they are? Why are you helping the cabal bastardize the
    term to divide and conquer the people?
    fas·cism (f?sh??z??m)
    1. often Fascism
    a. A system of government marked by centralization
    of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy
    subject to stringent governmental controls, violent
    suppression of the opposition, and typically
    a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
    b. A political philosophy or movement based
    on or advocating such a system of government.
    2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

  6. Corporations control both parties and play us against each other. When we finally realize that and unite and defeat their influence, we can then set about restoring the country we thought we lived in. There is little time left; it’s now or never.

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