Liberals are hypocrites

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A two-faced hypocrite: Empress Dowager Cixi (1835–1908) of China

(1) They lock the front door, wear a seatbelt, put a leash on a dog, or use a firewall for the internet. It’s normal to think of security, but liberals want to open the border which allows in drug dealers, sex traffickers, MS-13 gang members, or Muslim extremists.
(2) Liberals want background checks for gun buyers, but they don’t want voter IDs to prevent fraud.
(3) Liberals want a minimum wage of $15 per hour, but illegals are taking jobs for “$5 to $6 an hour” without paying tax.
(4) Liberals say illegals will do all the dirty work, but then they say we’ll need a universal basic income because of AI robots in the future. So which is it? Import more workers or prepare for mass unemployment?
(5Nancy Pelosi wrote that Obama’s $40 tax cut per paycheck was a “victory” that “will make a difference.” But now she says $2,000 from Trump’s tax cut would be “crumbs” that are “pathetic” and “insignificant.”
(6) Bernie Sanders wears a $690 jacket, owns 3 houses, and makes $200,000 a year. If Bernie wants a tax cut, then liberals will endorse it. But if Trump wants a tax cut, then liberals will reject it in this video.
(7) Liberals want to “save the earth” by reducing pollution, but uncontrolled immigration will mean more cars, chimneys, and plastic bottles along with the American lifestyle of consumption. Poor refugees in mud huts will want a widescreen TV, iphone, and McDonald’s food. This will increase carbon emissions.
(8) Liberals promote abortion to poor mothers who cannot afford diapers, but at the same time, liberals are encouraging poor countries with higher birth rates to send their babies to sanctuary cities where all healthcare and education costs are paid for.
(9) Liberals will admit that a man has a mental illness if he wants to chop off his own leg (Body Integrity Identity Disorder). But then liberals will insist that a 9-year-old boy who wants to chop off his penis should be “encouraged and supported.”
(10) Liberals want healthy school lunches and a soda tax to prevent obesity, but then they’ll turn around and say, “Don’t fat shame anyone. We need to accept plus sizes.”
(11) Liberal feminists want to break the “glass ceiling,” but they become silent when Muslims oppress women. Democrats won’t even talk with a reformist who said, “They completely ignored us.”
(12) Liberals want vaccinations for everyone’s health, but the illegals are bringing diseases. “People from Central and South America, ground zero for Zika and other infectious diseases including tuberculosis, dengue, Chagas, Chikungunya and schistosomiasis, make up nearly 15 percent of the illegal-immigrant population”.
(13) Liberals want to protect the ecosystem by removing invasive species, but liberals don’t care if a foreign culture displaces native citizens. Sociologist Dr. James Laurence found that immigrants who don’t integrate made people feel less happy and more isolated.
(14) Liberals are against the gentrification of urban areas. They don’t want old buildings to get renovated with new shops because it would be “unfair” to push residents out. Liberals want “equality for all,” but in reality, rich liberals have been pushing away poor liberals for years by increasing the cost of rent. There’s a homeless problem in liberal cities like San FranciscoNew York, and Detroit.
(15) Liberals want an infinite number of illegals to move in and vote Democrat, but liberals never talk about actually fixing the original problem of poverty in the 3rd World. The foreign aid fund can help with infrastructure like schools and hospitals, but liberals don’t want to industrialize other countries. Obama said poor Africans can’t have cars or air conditioners. Meanwhile rich liberals like Leonardo DiCaprio drive sports cars, ride in private jets, and go on yachts.
Liberals promise a society of peace and happiness, but no real progress gets made because they are hypocrites.
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