Lifelong Warmonger & Occasional War Criminal Eulogized A War Hero by Mainstream Media

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by Thinker

It’s often been said that it’s best to allow every man a peaceful death…regardless of what his life was like. No matter what the tally for both good and bad deeds were on his life’s ledger. However, as the mainstream media puts out effusive accolade after accolade “in loving memory” of Senator John McCain, it’s impossible to stand by and listen to so much obvious falsehood and absurd fiction. John McCain — May God rest his soul in peace — was at heart an inveterate warmonger and war criminal. McCain never saw a war he didn’t like and aggressively promote.

For some strange reason McCain really liked war. He made starting wars and continuing wars his life’s work. The following video demonstrates just how easily warmongering came to McCain.

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Senator Rand Paul responds to john mccain after he called him a traitor and working for Putin on the house floor. Rand Paul calls him unhinged and past his prime and a warmonger.

John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

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