List of CONFIRMED HATE HOAXES is growing BIG LEAGUE. EXPOSE THE FAKE NEWS "rise of hate crimes in Trump's America" nonsense. Corrupt MSM won't do their job, so we have to do it for them!

by onewallee

Confirmed Hoaxes

I’ll keep adding to this list as new hoaxes are revealed, but I am purposely setting the bar very high regarding what constitutes a hoax being “Confirmed”.

Crimes of the Left

Compare this long list of hoaxes to this post which documents serious incidents of confirmed, politically-motivated, leftist election-year violence, you know, for balance.

What Now?

Whenever someone mentions the “rise of Pro-Trump hate crimes”, copy and paste this list.
Here is the raw markdown of the list for copy/pasting ease if you’re sharing on Reddit.
It’s easy for the left to ignore a link shared by a political opponent, but the psychological impact of a list with IMPRESSIVE LENGTH is much harder to ignore.