‘LIVE FREE OR DIE’: Singer to Play Concerts with No Mandates

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In a random act of federalism, Arizona singer Scott Helmer announced he will play no concerts in 2022 with mask or vaccine mandates, whether for staff, attendees or both.

“I am a working musician that relies on touring and performing live to survive,” Helmer said. “I hope what I’m doing now will inspire everyone that knows this is wrong to peacefully do something about it in their own way. ‘We the People’ have all the power, unfortunately, many never learned or have forgotten that fact.”

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Per his press release:

Helmer also turned down the opening act slot for two very well-known classic rock act tours this fall because he would not comply with their mask or vaccine mandates.  “I lost out on over $35K of income by saying no to those tours – that was a lot of money for me to leave on the table but I had to hold the line,” he says.

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