LIVE: Spez is testifying in front of the House Committe on Energy & Commerce


“Change in 230 poses an existential threat”

“Reddit lurched from crisis to crisis” between 2009 and 2015 when Spez left, according to him.

He had to come back and “save” it.

Spez mentioned the “anti-evil” team (twice now).

“when we investigated russian attempts at disinfo, less than 1% succeeded”

“in tech today, we are an underdog compared to our nearest competitors.”

He’s arguing that restrictions on Section 230 would prevent “platforms like reddit” to flourish.

Ms. Citron, “Professor of Law” from Boston U just shed a bunch of crocodile tears about online bullies and people making “deep fake” porn lol.

Dr. McSherry from the EFF now making things right…love me some EFF.

“It’s difficult to draw clears lines between unlawful and lawful speech”.

“It’s a lot easier and cheaper to take something down than to pay lawyers.”

“Robots are pretty bad at nuance”

Here comes Ms. Peters with some fear porn:

“one of the premier security threats of our time”

she supported the intel community and wrote a book on the Taliban: Translation: I AM A SPOOK.

She is now claiming that “surface” platforms have as much illegal activity as the Dark Web.

Mexican cartels are using “surface” platforms, according to this Spook.



h/t axolotl_peyotl


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