Live Stream For Oklahoma For Those Of Us Oklahomans Tornado Warning Right Now Cheyenne And Roaring Springs Texas Take Cover Now

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We are expecting a possible Historical Significant Severe weather once every 2 to 6 years of Large Tornadoes for Western Oklahoma and Northeastern Panhandle of Texas. Latest NAM 3km, NAM, and NAM-NEST models are all agreeing on the significant threat for Discrete cyclonic supercells that look to pose a serious threat for Large Tornadoes across the Moderate to possible High-risk areas. Very strong Low-level winds at 5,000 feet will support tilted updrafts that lead to long track supercell activity and in this case, Long tracked Tornadoes. Very High CAPE values based on the RAP and HRRR have been trending higher with each run are around 4750 to 5500 J/kg enough to support Baseball size hail given the right thunderstorm structure. However, some soundings are starting to indicate there’s weak capping under these high CAPE values. But other models still suggest with strong lifting ascent over the for supercell development that the capping inversion will break by 15z to 16z.



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