Long term short Oracle

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by Wyxuan

Oracle is a terrible company. It primarily offers cloud services to various industries for supply chain management, CRM, etc. However, those cloud services aren’t particularly good value, as no sane startup is willing to take on such an expensive and poorly developed tech. GCP, AWS, and Azure are considered much better than Oracle. What does Oracle do? Nothing, except slash benefits, salaries, workers, and morale. CEO Safra Katz has adopted a mantra of cutting costs that reflects that of Macy’s and other struggling retail business. Oracle has developed an ecosystem of cloud products that has led their clients to be so entrenched in Oracle that it is extremely hard to migrate to other solutions. When you do get out of the hole (like the Pentagon just recently tried to do), Oracle might sue. The running gag at Oracle is that the only innovation happening at Oracle is in legal department. This is a company living in the shadow of it’s former self, all the more alarming when we see that Oracle has hit an all-time high. Oracle is a long term short play, but at the very least a stock to stay away from.


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