Long time conservative liberal here. The Marxist Democratic agendas are getting out of hand. The fact they are going to take down Teddy FREAKING Roosevelt’s Statue drove me back to reality.

by iwanttolearnplz

I realized that the Democratic institution is a wolf in sheep’s clothing after 10 years. I used to be an absurdly left person who was also trying to figure out my gender identity. I also was calling for forced equality (due to myself identifying as a Bisexual at the time and had very, very Egalitarian views). I was not listening to my conservative friends how my views were toxic and actually FORCING people to accept equality and also FORCING people to accept my views and my views only.

What the fuck was I thinking? Democrats are basically making people accept an ideology that’s really 1% of the population and a very vocal one for sure with deep fucking pockets. Look at the fucking example of how the Left wants to take down Teddy Roosevelt’s state in front of a NYC museum. It’s ridiculous. What’s next? FDR? George Washington? Thomas Jefferson?

I don’t see Asians (I’m asian) complaining about FDR how he forced Japanese Americans into intern camps am I? I hate the fact that they did so, but we have to understand history and why they did it. If it was the Australians who bombed Pearl Harbor, I am sure that FDR would’ve done the same to the Australians.

Also, yeah, we going to get rid of Thomas Jefferson’s achievements too since he owned slaves? Yeah, let’s also bomb Mt. Rushmore cause why not. They not POC. Ridiculous.

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Also, recently, after many years of therapy, had a realization that my bisexual tendencies were something of a mental illness. You see I was abused as a kid by my church. (Still am a Christian, but distrustful of people, cause people are at fault, not the church) Most of the gays know this btw. Many of us will not admit it. We know being gay, bi, or lesbian isn’t the natural order of things and it’s a mental illness tied with childhood trauma and development.

This shit that is happening is basic takeover of Communists and I will not allow the USA turning into a free for all dystopia. I will be voting for Trump. Not voting for a child rapist either. Fuck Biden.

Also, I’m sorry for not listening.

Edit: Also, I am not really for wealth distribution, I’ll just be straight and honest with you all. I’m wealthy and it’s my hard earned cash. My dad was an immigrant and through him and his hard work to send me to college and receive a great education, I achieved the American Dream. The Manifest Destiny. I am very economically right. What the f*ck was wrong with me?



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