Looking around: France doubles down on nuclear energy; omicron in NYC and London; is Biden already a lame duck?

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(1) France’s Emmanuel Macron takes “carbon neutral” so seriously that he follows the advice of Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore. France already has the highest percentage of nuclear power generation in the world; but pushing back against denuclearization, he pushes instead for overhauling existing power plants that have reached the end of their service life and building more plants.

In contrast, Germany is trying to get … gas classified as a “carbon neutral” energy source, doubtlessly to the great mirth of Russia in general, and Vladimir Putin in particular.

We have reached some strange hell-world where “Macron le con” is a voice of reason.

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(2) Dr. John Campbell has more on omicron in London and in New York City. Trends continue: very highly transmissable, but causing (much) milder disease on average; omicron is displacing the much nastier delta. [ADDENDUM: half of COVID19 cases in Israel are now Omicron.]

(3) Is Biden this out of touch, or is he trying to be good-humored about “Let’s Go Brandon”?


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