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LeadsGate is among the leading payday and installment affiliate networks in the entire world with unparalleled rates, high pay-outs for leads and important partnerships. Probably you are asking what LeadsGate is? Well, sit back, relax and continue scrolling down.

What Is It?

Affiliate programming is among the best and proved ways to earn money with your website or blog, and the loan industry offers some of the most unmatched and rewarding affiliate pay-outs in the affiliate marketing.

If you have been into affiliate marketing for long, without a doubt you have heard about LeadsGate. Well, for the starters, it is reliable loans affiliate program on the US market, particularly involved with US-based payday loans. They pay you for each lead and give you numerous benefits compared to competing counterparts. Let’s see here how it operates.

How Leadsgates Works.

There are three different ways in which you can assimilate LeadsGate into your website:

  1. You can choose your particular affiliate link and send leads there directly. All sites are receptive and can be executed even in a mobile.
  2. You can assimilate the JavaScript form onto the website through copy paste method.
  3. It offers an API. It works with your site to send direct traffic. This is preferably a more technical option. However, it gives you some ingenious implementations.

Its Features.

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LeadsGate offers some of most attractive features most affiliates look for in an affiliate network. One of the features is continuous commissions which LeadsGate provides. You will find out that, most money lenders only pay you a commission for the initial money they lend you, but when you take subsequent loans, they don’t give you any cut. However, thanks to the re-bill system, you are eligible to passive income for all subsequent loan applications you make.

Another attractive feature is that LeadsGate pays you for the declined leads. If your lead is canceled or rejected, you are still paid for your lead, which ranges between 5%-15% additional income for affiliate marketers. This really illustrates how LeadsGate promotes its employees business experience while offering high customer satisfaction and good feedback. That is the key reason why I recommend it to anyone who already is in or wishes to try affiliate marketing.

Pay-Out Rates- How Much Will I Earn?

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LeadsGate provides you with special chance to earn hundreds of dollars for only one sale-and don’t forget, it provides the highest leads pay-outs in the world! Whenever you request for a loan, your data is taken to an auction-based bidding platform. That means that the leads are sold to a loan provider who is able and willing to give the highest bid for the specific lead. The bids go up to $230 per lead. Let’s assume you get a single lead daily. That translates to over $6000 monthly and $70000 annually! There are many options you can use to initiate withdrawals for this money such as ePayments, WebMoney, PayPal etc.

The Verdict.

LeadsGates is a recognized and top rated affiliate network in the payday affiliate niche, and are ready to offer unparalleled rates to its affiliates. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wish to earn more on their leads.




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