Los Angeles Public Schools Passed A Resolution Making Campuses SANCTUARIES For ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS In Danger Of Being Deported!

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by Pamela Williams
This is just too much ignorance to deal with at one time.  Do the lawmakers in this Country really believe that America should disown its’ own youth in order accept those who are in this Country illegally?  I do not understand this mentality of creating “sanctuary” cities for those who do not respect the American peoples or their laws.  Are the American youth being sacrificed to these Liberals, who seek to destroy the foundation of America?  

Published on Mar 25, 2017
California Teacher Defies Trump And Houses HUNDREDS Of Illegals, Wakes Up To NASTY Surprise!
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President Trump’s recent travel ban had people doing desperate things without much thought beyond just wanting to defy our bold leader. A number of factors, including greed and ignorance, played a big part in one California man taking in hundreds of illegals who had no business being in the U.S. and housing them among several school campuses in the area which he owned. It didn’t take long for his idiocy to catch up to him when he awoke to a nasty surprise that’s going to take a while to recover from.
Despite what liberals like to believe, Trump wasn’t being a racist bigot when he decided that a temporary travel ban was imperative to citizens’ safety, as well as a formidable wall to protect our borders. These are all just common sense approaches to the reality of the world we live in today that doesn’t allow for a utopia of no rules and open borders. Unfortunately for Leonard Shim (aka. Hee Sun Shim), he didn’t take Trump’s warning seriously and let greed guide what he decided he wanted to do circumvent the rules.  
Evidently, Shim couldn’t get enough students to enroll in his schools throughout the Los Angeles valley, so he sought out a way to make money off the massive immigration crisis that’s taken over much of the West Coast state. Shim owns Prodee University/Neo-America Language School, Walter Jay M.D. Institute, an Educational Center, and the American College of Forensic Studies (ACFS), as well as a fourth school in Alhambra – Likie Fashion and Technology College, which he’s been using for the past six years as a “pay-to-stay” scheme. It was easy to get away with this under Barack Obama who couldn’t care less about who was here illegally, but now that Trump’s in charge, this illegal enterprise was brutally brought down for good reason.
With the help of a few other Koreans, like Leonard, the group enrolled hundreds foreign nationals who fraudulently obtained immigration documents, then allowing them to remain in the United States as “students” by falsifying enrollment documents and paying him under the guise of “tuition,” the Federalist Papers reported.
These students had no intentions of getting an education and some even lived outside California after getting the student pass. The scam was figured out when his schools had an unusually high number of foreign enrollees (900), yet there were only one to three students actually attending any of the classes
Shim pleaded guilty on Thursday to federal immigration fraud charges, including, conspiracy and immigration document fraud and faces a maximum penalty of 15 years in federal prison, and was forced to forfeit $465,000 in cash from the operation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had conducted raids of Shim’s campuses at the conclusion of an investigation that began back in 2011 while Barack Obama was still in office.
Our former leader let droves of refugees and illegals in and turned a blind eye to countless forms of immigration fraud, all of which was dumped on Trump’s lap when he took office and has put Americans at risk. Rather than questioning what he’s doing now to clean it up, liberals need to ask themselves the real reason Obama allowed this obvious security risk to take place to this extent.
Not only do we have the above criminal case of protecting illegals coming into the United States, it is shocking that Los Angeles’ has passed a law to make their public schools a sanctuary for illegals from ICE.   The school board’s resolution was shaped as a reaffirmation of a measure passed last year that designated Los Angeles public schools as a “safe place” for illegal immigrants and their families, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.  The new resolution even offers from protections.
Those in support of this move, say they are only trying to keep families together.  Further they say these illegals are law abiding!  You cannot break the law of a Country, and then be legal.  The word “Illegal” speaks for itself.  You either uphold the law of a Country, or you don’t.  For some reason the US now supports breaking our laws for those who come into this Country illegally.
Rham Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, has openly  declared he will continue to support illegals and be a sanctuary city for them.  Yet crime in Chicago is the worst it has ever been, ands we know illegals do not follow the laws.  Illegals have raped and committed crime in our schools. Your child would be harassed and suspended.  One such case just occurred in Maryland.  Two men 18 and 17 were put in a middle school classroom with a fourteen year old girl, had an encounter with her in a bathroom, and they were not charged, although the 14 year old girl says she was raped.  
After a court hearing Friday morning, prosecutors said they will drop the sex-assault case against Henry Sanchez Milian, 18, and Jose Montano, 17.
“The facts of this case do not support the original charges filed,” said Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy. Defense lawyers had said for weeks that the sex acts were consensual and that text messages and school surveillance videos did not substantiate the girl’s claims she had been pushed from a hallway into a bathroom at Rockville High School on March 16 and that the suspects took turns assaulting her as she tried to break free.
It is said that the young girl was in consent after child porn was found on of the phones belonging to the rapist. Prosecutors did not describe the content or path of the exchanges of the images. Defense attorneys said they were willingly shared by the girl with one defendant, who passed them along to the other.  Sanchez Milian’s attorney, Andrew Jezic, called the charges “selective prosecution of elective promiscuity,” adding that “it is hardly uncommon behavior for teenagers.”
This sounds really messed up!  Montano came to the United States from El Salvador, and Sanchez Milian from Guatemala. They were stopped at the border, detained, then allowed to continue on to relatives before they enrolled at Rockville at a ninth-grade level. This is just the beginning, and our schools will no longer be safe for our own children.
Back to the Los Angeles public school’s resolution to protect illegal immigrants…  The School Board President said that immigrants across Los Angeles had become fearful when Trump became President.  Trump has successfully deported many illegals, and he is continuing his crackdown campaign promise.
Zimmer says to not support these illegals is contrary to our value system, and also contrary to our mission as a school district.  I wish I could ask him if he has any concerns about US students, who are being impacted by this invasion of illegals.  
Further is he concerned about the overcrowded environment our own students are having to endure, along with teachers who can no longer effectively teach? These immigrants do not speak English, and I am very curious to know how an overburdened school system can be expected to survive under this additional burden.  It seems to me that Americans are giving up everything, so that illegal immigrants can have it all.
Watch out for your children now more than ever.  Take time to warn them to what is happening within our schools .  Charity begins at home, and we should never be made to feel ashamed of what Americans have accomplished within their own country.  Hard work, sweat and blood, and following the law has been the primary equation used in the building of this Country.  I am proud of my ancestors and of all those patriots who have made America great.  
We have had a good ride, and I will never forget it.  Where do we go from here?  Right now I don’t want to know.  I know enough that I am not looking forward to it.  But life is a flowing river…flowing to the sea…wait for me…wait for me.  As long as we flow with the changes, bending like a willow tree, we will be able to endure until it is time to meet the sea.  

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  1. You cannot “fix” our system. It is inherently corrupt. Put into place by “founding fathers”. The highest form of protest is to withdraw all consent…

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