Louisiana woman charged with pocketing $1.2m bank error in her favor

A Louisiana woman experienced what for many would have been a dream come true: Over $1.2m randomly appeared in her bank account one day in February.

Kelyn Spadoni used the fast-acting skills she developed as a 911 dispatcher and quickly purchased a house and a car within a day of the money appearing in her account. Now Spadoni’s brokerage firm, Charles Schwab, wants the money back, arguing the cash was put into her account accidentally, the result of a software glitch.

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The company said it meant to transfer $82.56 into Spadoni’s account with Fidelity Brokerage Services. Instead, they ended up transferring $1,205,619.

Charles Schwab is taking Spadoni to court for refusing to return the money to the company saying that Spadoni signed their client contract that says clients must return an overpayment of funds in full. The company says Spadoni ignored multiple calls, texts and emails from the company requesting the money’s return.

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She may get to keep it! Today is full of Miracles!!

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