LuckyLand Slots & Social Casinos: New Opportunities for Entertainment Investors?

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Online gambling is not a new industry, but it is one that is constantly changing and evolving. Over the past few years, a growing trend of social casinos has changed the entire online gambling landscape, by adding an entire new niche that was not around earlier. 

Popular social casinos like LuckyLand Slots have managed to integrate the concept of social gaming with online casino games and created amazing platforms that appeal to casual players who normally may not play casino games at all. 

Investors looking to delve into the entertainment industry may be looking at a great new field of interest as social casinos are gaining traction and new companies launch them. Keep reading to find out more about the concept and how you might profit from investing in a social casino yourself. 

What are Social Casinos?

Unlike an online casino in which players play real money casino games like slots or roulette, social casinos provide similar games for free. Being free and without any real money prizes, these casinos don’t need gambling licenses and can freely cater to customers in any part of the world, including the USA. 

Similar to many other social games, players have to pay something in order to play. In fact, social casino players must purchase chips for real cash to use at the tables. The higher they want to play, the more chips they must acquire and many simply can’t take playing for low stakes. 

In addition to the fact players buy chips to play with, they are also awarded sweeps coins on top of the coins they buy. These coins can be used to play casino games and can actually be converted back into real cash, serving as a type of substitute for real money gambling, mostly for players who are not allowed to gamble online for real cash. 

Should I Invest in Social Casinos?

Social casinos are certainly a growing trend and one that is likely to stay around for a while (maybe not as long as the metals industry but…). The fact they give players in jurisdictions where online gambling is not legal a chance to play exciting casino games makes this concept a highly valuable one, along with other casino industry investments. 

What’s more, there are new social casinos opening up all the time and many of them are looking for investors. Jumping in on the ground floor of one of these operations can potentially bring a massive profit for the early investors. Social casinos cost way less to run than real money casinos and can take players from all parts of the world and sell them play chips for real cash. 

The only real thing you should be concerned about is how well a certain social casino does its marketing to bring players in. Social casinos like Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Casino have managed to draw in thousands of customers by offering fun promotions and some great games and there is no reason the operation you invest in can’t do the same. Social casino investments are ones with a lot of promise and a massive potential return for the savvy investors. 


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