Lyft fires driver for using her legally-owned & -carried firearm to protect her life

by DCG

Cam Edwards from Bearing Arms and Townhall Media interviews the victim, Cynthia Nixon. Interview with her begins at the 4:34 mark. Forward to 20:28 mark where Cynthia discusses the conversation with Lyft and the carjacking incident.

From Townhall:

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“Cynthia Norman is no longer able to drive for Lyft after using her lawfully-owned and legally-carried firearm in self-defense against a pair of carjackers in Cleveland, thanks to the company’s policy requiring drivers to be disarmed on the job. In a powerful interview with Cam, Norman says with carjackings increasing at a staggering rate in cities like Cleveland and Chicago, these rideshare policies are forcing people to choose between their lives and their livelihoods.”




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