Lyft v Uber in Numbers

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by shane_stockflare


Here are the figures for Lyft including the forecasts from analysts (who weren’t on the deal).

2016A 2017A 2018A 2019E 2020E 2021E 2022E 2023E
Bookings $1.9bn $4.6bn $8.1bn n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Sales $0.3bn $1.1bn $2.2bn $3.4bn $4.6bn $5.4bn $6.0bn $7.4bn
EBITDA -$0.7bn -$0.7bn -$0.9bn -$1.1bn -$1.0bn -$0.8bn -$0.2bn +$0.4bn
EPS n/a n/a -$3.83 -$3.30 -$2.92 -$2.36 -$0.89 +$0.59
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Note: I’d be surprised if we don’t see upgraded when the analysts who worked on the deal are allowed publish.

Next to Uber:

2016A 2017A 2018A
Bookings $19.2bn $34.4bn $49.8bn
Sales $3.8bn $7.9bn $11.3bn
EBITDA -$2.5bn -$2.6bn -$1.8bn

The sheer scale of Uber versus Lyft is astounding.

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2018 Uber Lyft Comparison
Users 91m 16m 6x
Trips 5.2bn 0.6bn 9x
Bookings $49.8bn $8.1bn 6x
Sales $11.3bn $2.2bn 5x

With Lyft worth $17bn, even after the chute below IPO price a straight revenue multiple puts Uber at a $81bn to $91bn depending on which revenue figure you use (reported or core-platform revenues).



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