Lynette Zang: The Banks Are Hiding Something Very Critical From Us

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Lynette Zang interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Popular financial data maven Lynette Zang, Chief Market Strategist at ITM Trading, returns to Reluctant Preppers to dive deeper into the DROPOFF CLIFF of INTER-BANK LENDING and why it offers us a CRITICAL SIGNAL of BANKING LOSS of TRUST. Zang answers viewer questions on WHO REALLY OWNS YOUR ACCOUNTS, whether the government FDIC insurance offers any real protection, and WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT while there’s still time!

UPDATE ON: INTER-BANK LENDING DROPPED OFF A CLIFF Jan 3, 2018! Signal that BANKS ARE NOT TRUSTING EACH OTHER ANY LONGER! Last major dip in 2005 foreshadowed both a real estate collapse and the 2008 banking collapse..

FED TOOK DOWN INTER-BANK LENDING CHART following our last broadcast- They’ve got a pattern when the true data doesn’t support their propaganda narrative. They either: 1) REDEFINE the data (CPI, unemployment, etc) or 2) DISCONTINUE data that reveals the real risks! –

DO YOU REALLY OWN YOUR IRA, 401-K, brokerage, money market or savings accounts? –

And… HOW SAFE ARE FDIC insured saving accounts?

-THE CONFIDENCE GAME: WE’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE: 2015 Swiss CB pegged Swiss Franc to Euro, to avert looming debt default crisis of borrowers unable to pay back in stronger Francs. Peg was promised to be committed, then they broke it 2 days later: banks learned they can’t trust each other…

– Correlation of Japanese Yen vs Gold, compared to USD or other fiat vs gold…

– COORDINATED MONEY DEVALUATION by all the central banks (US, EU, Japan) , each claiming they’ve stopped diluting the money supply, BUT THE TRUTH IS…

WHO BENEFITS & WHO SUFFERS when the fiat debt-based money system collapses?

LYNETTE’S URBAN FARMING UPDATE: converting an in-ground swimming pool into aquaponic floating forests integrated with vertical gardens!


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2 thoughts on “Lynette Zang: The Banks Are Hiding Something Very Critical From Us

  1. Those TBTF Wall Street casinos are beyond broke. All that money they’re making laundering that Afghan opium isn’t enough to cover the bad bets they’ve got all over the world.

  2. Last of the Boomers are checking in for Soc.Sec.
    Good time to stab them all in the back.
    But our benevolent Masters would never do such a thing. Would they?

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