Lynette Zang – They Want to Get Rid of Cash – Financial System is Trustless – Gold $9,300 Now

Market analyst Lynette Zang says we are headed towards an undemocratic technocratic financial system. Zang explains, “Technocrats don’t care about people, they care about systems. That’s what the most important thing is. The formulas that guide all of those systems is not how a democracy works. . . . Essentially, what they are trying to do is get all wealth held in cyberspace and the title to all wealth held in cyberspace. Then the “Smart Contract” can immediately transfer that title. You can go to the mall and spend the equity in your house.”
Zang warns that central banks could make a big mistake and lose control quickly. Zang says, “They could lose control because it’s all about confidence. Why do they keep testing all of this confidence? People have been losing a lot of confidence in the governments and central banks. Why do they need a trustless system? They could lose control.”
Zang says every fiat currency will reset against gold and silver, and if it happened today, she estimates “gold would be more than $9,300 per ounce” and “silver would be more than $625 per ounce.” Zang says, given all the unpayable debt in the world, those are conservative estimates.
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4 thoughts on “Lynette Zang – They Want to Get Rid of Cash – Financial System is Trustless – Gold $9,300 Now

  1. No one owns their house now. You’ve given ownership to the state, and they have issued you a title which allows you to use your house or car. We live under corporate law.

  2. I understand confidence is a big thing with business but it’s not quite the same with ordinary consumers. I’ve never had to put something back on the shelf because I didn’t have the confidence to buy it but I’ve had to put plenty of things back because I didn’t have the money.

  3. That’s right Joyce Johnson; that is why we have ‘entitlements’ and ‘caveats’…
    Imminent domain is the other argument as to why no one owns anything…
    The Fed is actually running the Precious Metals Markets; so don’t think that by buying, holding and bartering with gold will see you safely through; FDR proved that point with confiscation at a rock-bottom price! The Fed can change the rules relating to the metals market anytime it chooses.
    & IF there is nothing left to buy or purchase with gold, it then becomes worthless.
    Stock-up on that which gold would have bought (ie bartering and survival supplies, etc.)

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