Macron calls for sanctions against EU states refusing migrants

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French president Emmanuel Macron said he favors imposing financial penalties on EU states that refuse to accept migrants,

Macron Threatens Sanctions Against EU States That Turn Migrants Away

According to the French president, financial sanctions should be introduced against EU members that refuse migrants who have proven asylum status.

Speaking to reporters Saturday at a joint press conference with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Macron stressed that Paris could not accept a situation where “countries that benefit massively from EU solidarity” give in to “national self-interest when it comes to the issue of migrants.”

According to Macron, Paris and Madrid favor the setting up of “closed centers” on European soil for recently-landed migrants which would take on refugees in a ‘coordinated way’, allowing for a speedy investigation of whether or not they qualify for asylum status. These centers, created in cooperation with the UN Refugee Agency, would be based closest to where the migrants or refugees landed, the president said. For those applicants who are not eligible for asylum status, Macron emphasized the need for European-level cooperation to send these people back to their country of origin directly, rather than via transit countries.

Macron stressed that he was in favor of “sanctions mechanisms” in cases of non-cooperation, including possible restrictions on structural EU-level aid.

The president’s remarks come on the eve of an EU-level summit on immigration set to be held in Brussels on Sunday.

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The leaders of the Visegrad Group of countries, including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia refused to participate in the working meeting, complaining that such meetings should be organized by the European Council, not by the European Commission.

According to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the Visegrad Group favors the idea of screening centers outside the bloc where asylum-seekers could present their case for protection. Budapest has proposed such centers in Africa, with Rome voicing its support for the idea. The EU’s migration commissioner ruled out the proposal, calling it a “Guantanamo Bay for migrants” that’s “against our European values.”

Merkel ally backs ITALY in migrant row as he warns country could WALK AWAY from EU

GERMANY’S Bundestag president Wolfgang Schauble backed Italy in its feud over the migrant crisis just hours before EU leaders face off in an emergency summit.

Mr Schauble said no single country could bear the brunt of the migrant crisis, as he called on the European Union to reform policies to help out Italy.

His comments could also be seen as a rebuttal on French President Emmanuel Macron who yesterday claimed there was “no migrant crisis”, after a meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in Paris to discuss how to manage the arrival of migrants.

Germany’s Angela Merkel in Lebanon amid pressure to find refugee solution

The German chancellor has offered aid to Lebanon as it struggles to cope with nearly 1 million Syrian refugees. She is hoping to reduce migrant arrivals to Europe by supporting countries near Syria.

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Merkel is an idiot. She’s making Germans pay for the refugees that are there and now she also wants them to pay for refugees to stay in their own countries.

Yes, force Germans to support the whole fucking world.

Same thing the globalists are pulling in America. They want us to support the entire Americas.


summarizing the results of the meeting, Italy said that those who do not welcome refugees should see a reduction in EU funds.

Censorship: Entire European Identitarian Movement Permanently Banned From Facebook

The anti-mass migration Generation Identity movement has been banned permanently from Facebook, after all of their official pages were deleted due to “extremist content.”
Over the last several weeks the group has seen page after page disappear from the social media giant’s platform with little or no explanation, but a new report claims that Facebook has permanently banned the hipster-right identitarians, accusing them of posting “extremist content”.

According to the paper, Facebook confirmed that the group had been permanently banned from the platform, “citing their policies against extremist content and organised hate groups.”

The ban impacts all branches of the identitarian movement, including in Britain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, and France, where the original Generation Identitaire group was founded.



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