Majority Say Government “Corrupt and Rigged”

A new poll from the University of Chicago Institute of Politics has produced some of the more alarming data that we’ve seen in quite some time. I’m not entirely sure what prompted them to ask these specific questions to begin with, but the topic had nothing to do with the usual issues that are polled, such as inflation, gas prices, or Ukraine. They asked respondents whether they felt that the United States government was honest or corrupt. They wanted to know if people felt that the government treats them fairly or if the system is rigged. And perhaps most disturbingly of all, they inquired as to whether the respondents felt that the time may be coming when they might need to “take up arms” against their own government. Shockingly (at least to me, but perhaps I’m naive) a majority of respondents found the government to be corrupt and rigged against ordinary citizens. And nearly a third felt that an armed revolt might be on the horizon. (The Hill)

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A majority of Americans say the U.S. government is corrupt and almost a third say it may soon be necessary to take up arms against it, according to a new poll from the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

Two-thirds of Republicans and independents say the government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me,” according to the poll, compared to 51 percent of liberal voters.

Twenty-eight percent of all voters, including 37 percent of gun owners, agreed “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government,” a view held by around 35 percent of Republicans and around 35 percent of Independents. One in five Democrats concurred.


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