Make America Hateful Again? Hate Crimes Become More Frequent After Trump's Victory

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by Amna El Tawil
It’s safe to say that Donald Trump’s presidency has a very rocky start. Constant protests from the first day he entered White House, Women’s March, President of Mexico refusing to pay for the wall, protests due to Muslim ban, the UK petition to stop his visit to that country, and many other events show that millions of people aren’t pleased with his decisions.
Bloomberg reports that Donald Trump is the least popular president in the modern history of the US, he has the worst approval numbers of any first-week president of the polling era. One reason for the weak popularity is the spike in hate crimes that have been going on for quite some time.
On November 11, 2016, BBC reported: “Dozens of reports of alleged hate crimes have surfaced on social media in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. The Muslim student at the University of New Mexico said: “I was sitting down in the library in my school and a very big man wearing a Trump shirt walks up behind me. I start to turn around but before I can see who’s there, a hand is on my head… attempting to push my hijab back.
I told him that he has every right to believe what he wants and he can say whatever he wants but as soon as he puts his hands on me, then things get serious. He then walked away saying ‘I’m going to sit down before you throw a grenade at me.”
In the small village of Wellsville in New York State, someone painted a swastika along with the words “MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN” on the dugout wall. Little did the person know that white again makes no sense since Native Americans, whose land has been stolen, weren’t white.

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In Philadelphia, spray-painted swastikas, racist graffiti and references to Donald Trump and Nazi Germany have appeared on a storefront and elsewhere.

In San Diego, a university student was robbed by two men who police say “made comments about President-elect Trump and Muslims” before grabbing her purse and stealing her car.

In Texas, an early-morning fire on Saturday destroyed a mosque that was a target of hatred several years ago and experienced a burglary just a week ago. Moreover, a group calling itself “Americans for a Better Way” sent copies of a letter to at least five California mosques, calling Muslims “a vile and filthy people” and advocating genocide.

A Donald Trump supporter has been charged with hate crimes for allegedly assaulting a Muslim employee and telling her the new U.S. president would “get rid of all of you.”
Let’s not forget that there were a few incidents involving Trump’s supporters as victims. For example, in California, a girl who expressed support for Trump on Instagram was attacked at school the next day. Her parents say the attack was politically motivated. In Chicago, a white man involved in a traffic accident was beaten and robbed by a group of black people. In a video of the incident circulating widely on Facebook, bystanders are heard shouting “Don’t vote Trump!”
At this point, it seems that Trump’s presidency is bringing out the worst in those who like him and those who don’t.

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  1. What a poor quality article for InvestmentWatchBlog!
    The BBC says “reports of _alleged_ hate crimes” (emphasize mine) because they are smart enough not to take this all at face value, unlike this author.
    The swastika is an obvious fake designed to make Trump supporters look like white-supremacist Nazis.

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