Make sure your student loans stay dead

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by F**kFedLoan

I logged into my Fedloan account to get my student loan tax info last night as my final loan out of an original 12 was paid off in May of 2020. I then saw that 8 of my 12 original loans, all of which had been listed as PAID IN FULL and had been listed as 0 dollars balance (some of which for nearly 2 years) suddenly had a small balance each.

After arguing with Fedloan on the phone this morning for an hour, they realized there was some truth to my claim that these loans had been paid off once I pointed out that some of the final payoff payments on these loans had been made prior to the pandemic, and therefore had never been marked delinquent in the months or year before the nationwide forbearance, and that they had the “paid in full” PDFs in their system for these loans, even though they now somehow are showing a balance.

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These loans were marked as $0 for more than a year, in some cases nearly two. I know this because the only way I was able to pay them off was by putting my life on hold and throwing 90% of my paycheck at them for more than two years and staring at the balances every day like a crazy person. Despite using the “calculate payoff” option for each of them and having the “paid in full” notifications to prove it, it took an hour for FedLoan to mark my account as “under review” and it will be another 2-3 weeks before said review is finished.

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Double check your student loans even once they’re paid off, you can’t trust FedLoan.


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